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Guys - I was thinking. You know how when somebody does a careless tackle etc, they may get a few weeks. The team that actually is hurt by that tackle is the person being tackled themselves (they may have toi be stretchered off, or be concussed etc), but the benefit actually goes to the team that plays against the side with the player who has been suspended the next week.

Do you think it could be a viable idea, that say Watmough was tackled high, and had to be taken from the field (which actually doesn't benefit Manly), and the tackler gets charged, the way of benefitting Manly (who lost the player), could be that any carry over points Watmough had, is reduced, or deleted all together?

That way, the team that has had the indescetion against them, actually DOES get some sort of benefit.

Please be brutally honest.

My only worry is that players would somehow rought the system...fake injury etc.
Hmm, Im not sure if you can reward an injured player by wiping their record clean. It doesn't serve its purpose to have a punishment. I actually think something like a 5 minute sin bin for every high tackle. I can't stand watching football and seeing high tackles, niggling to the head of players, it just not good to see, so your right ryan, somethign needs to be done.
I was thinking that depending on the scale of the indescretion, maybe the other team gets a certain amount of points back, and put it to whoever they choose?

The whole idea is based on the fact that the team that suffers the most, is the one where the player gets injured. Look at Cronulla & Hoppa. They have had a player out for 3-4 weeks because he got smashed.

Imagine though, if that got them a 200 point reduction from their team in carry over points to put wherever they choose. Instead of being punished (by not having a player available), they actually come out on top because another team player did the wrong thing to them.

That way the right people are being rewarded.
My idea, is that if a player goes off due to a high tackle etc, the player that made the indiscretion is placed on report and also goes off (but can be replaced, without an interchange being used) meaning the team is down to 16, just like the team that has an injured player

If the injured player returns the player who made the high tackle can return

If the player isn't injured it goes on report and nobody goes off
So say after 20 mins randall gets hit high by lockyer.

Its not very bad but just bad enough.

He goes down and then has to leave the field (as he would have been anyway) - lockyer goes with him.

Randall is feeling fine 5minutes later but spends the rest of the game on the sideline to keep lockyer off.

That will happen ever chance they get. Players will cop a slap and go down like they have copped a Hoppa ala soccer style injuries.

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