Alternate Eagles is almost One Year Old

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It is hard to believe that it is getting close to one year birthdate of Alternate Eagles.

The foundation of AE brings back images of the heady days of the Jye Mullane chip kicks, the Club Mullanic, passes to Mr Nobody,chip kicks out onto Pittwater Rd, the absolute thrashing at the hands of the Panthers, the ravings of that 'lunatic' The Oracle on OEE and the savage criticism made by some of the Manly faithful towards the founders of this site. It was a crazy, satirical, hilarious, fun and sarcastic and miserable all at the same time.

Glad to see that all has settled down and more importantly, the Sea Eagles have surpassed all expectations in 2005.

Many thanks to Danny for all his hard work in getting htis off the ground and well done to the other original founders of this site. Byso's photos, Six'x downloads, Mata's alternate views, Ryans YARTs, the quick quips of Pepsi, the ascerbic acid wit of Sue and Vegas, the meanderings of Fluffster, the plain sense of Wheel, the passion of ManlyBacker, the silly stuff, the arguments and the drivel of so many has been very much appreciated. (I am sure I have missed many) Some of you had your parentage questioned by the 'True Supporters' and have taken all sorts of flak from other supporters due to the forthright and sometimes controversial stands that have been taken on all sorts of issues. Funnily enough the place was originally a haven for exiles and banne posters from other sites which didn't help the view of the place from some outsiders.

In my view (and I am biased) the site has gained credability though from the excellent various features of the sites, the forum opportunity to say what you think and the fact that the Manly fans who frequent this site love the Manly Sea Eagles with a passion.

I have wasted massive amounts of time but it has been very enjoyable and a good support through last year's winter of discontent, as I had to face up last year to the possibilityl of Manly earning its first wooden spoon. I have met some great blokes (both actual and cyberwise) and the enjoyment of our club has certainly been enhanced!

It is only a coincidence (and it sounds like an egotistic comment) but the formation of this site marked the renaissance of Manly as a team and our climb up the ladder has been distinct since then.

Go you Sea Eagles and well done to all who have made AE what it has become today!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
thank you and a great wrap.

So we all do acceptance speeches now?
There's enough fruits here already - and that is just among the mods!!!

We should have a one year celebration, maybe at the St George game!!!!
I will bring change to by myself a beer!
Not to mention just how imperative some of our arguments have been in making the manly club change their decisions and act almost on the behalf of to better our club and move further and further up the ladder.

Things like BK being captain
Jye getting the axe
Signing Tahu
Signing Lyon
Signing King
Not signing monaghan
Axing J King
Not re-signing Hoppa

Ah the minds we have influenced. What memories.
dont just thank me.

Byso's photos are one of the biggest draw cards for the site. Six's downloads attract huge amounts of traffic plus the controversial articles by mata and everything eveyone does adds to the site
So I should Byso a beer then, not you Dan?

Byso deserves a beer. he doesnt get enough recognition for his photos a lot of the time
Fantastic wrap up CW. One year - it sure doesn't seem like that. Thanks to every one for your contributions - it has made AE a great 'home' for us supporters and my life has been enriched by the crap on here ;) . A special cheers to Dan as I have some idea of the hours put in to make all the features we enjoy. I made an effort yesterday to have a long look at two of the other forums and I know without thinking this is where I would be out of choice every time. :clap: :clap: :clap:
There are plenty of good people here who have done a professional job in putting quality content in this site.
A little recognition is good considering it’s done for the nothing. Above all the quality posts by all makes AE a quality site. :clap: :clap:
Pats on backs for all those responsible - don't know how you blokes hold down full-time jobs with the amount of time you put into this place.

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