what is the latest re ashley.we need some penetration badly and his pedigree suggests he may be our best bet outside moving hicks in to centre..it would be good to get a look at him.


A couple of weeks + at the very least a few games in premier league to get his game up to speed.

You'd think the earliest he'd be back is around round 10 or something.


well Mark Gaznier showed how centre play should be done, i cant remember seeing our centres even looking past there opposite number let alone running past them, Hornby targeted our centres all night,,, ive been saying for 12 months that stepho isnt up to it, but the " he has potential" defence keeps getting chucked in my face. i wont bag Matai as he is filling in, but no question stephenson is the weakest link!


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Stepho's defence is still up **** creek.

His shirt grabbing efforts last night are a precise indication of it.


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Hopefully we get a look at Alberts soon. Another 4 weeks, pppffffttt. Matai did OK imo. Steppa had a shocker but he was OK in the other games.

Gaznier is a class act........if he wasn't such a cat he could have been one of the greats of RL.......and Barret played well too.

<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Mon Apr 11 2005, 08:03AM ]</span>
i think we have plenty of strenghth in the centres,stepho,Johnson,Alberts,matai,hill,and then theres the fill ins Menzies,Williamson,Hicks. Am i missing any?


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It looks like Hill is going to be out for a couple more weeks. If that is so, I'd be moving Hicks back to the centres. He is too good a player to have on the wing, hardly ever seeing the ball.

The Stephenson Matai combination doesn't have enough attacking flair. Maybe Hicks and Matai in the centres. Stephenson's defence is very suspect.


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I think after seeing the game on the weekend Hicks needs some time on the wing to get back into things.


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Ok guys...I'm the damned one that's supposed to be negative here!!!!Steppa has assisted us in attaining 3 wins from 4. He missed a tackle...Sheesh. Give the poor YOUNG guy a go. A few other players had an ordinary game in attitude too. Watch Steppa this week, and see if you feel the same.


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Exactly. I didn't see Bennet sacking the whole Bronco squad based on a 50 point pasting the week before. Manly and Steppa were good enough, and improving, the previous 3 games. Talks of sackings are due in 2 weeks time.


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Ryan sinse when can you say you're the damned one.............we all know thats Matabele........hehe

Anyhow fair enough about Steppa it's just that the shirt grabbing attempt is burnt in all our brains because it looked so crap..........So lay off him people....hehe


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Guys - Steppa shirt grabbed probably because of a lack of pace a little. Does anyone else recall Trent Barret getting the ball from dummy 1/2, and running straight over Chad Randall to score a lone, easy try. I think that lapse is worse, but no-one is saying anything about it!

Randall - the guy everyoine wants to stick up for. A great dummy 1/2 can set the team a light in attack. We scored 6 points fellas.

We need Willow to start hooker, then Dunley to come on after that.

Randall has had chance after chance to impress...as quite frankly, hasn't impressed me. Even when we are winning!

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I'm with you on Chad Ryan, I have been calling for his head for about 18 months. IMO he is just not up to it. A reasonable fill in when required but not as a starting player.

Wouldn't you love to have Jamie Lyon, saw he got the man of the match last week in S/L or Challenge Cup.


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Lyno is going well from all reports and would be nice to have. but not for a while yet.

I still think Matt King should be number 1 on our list at this stage, our forwards are pretty good, although i would love harrison here.

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