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It's all good for Alberts

QUIETLY spoken Ashley Alberts is set to make a big noise in the NRL as his career finally starts to realise the promise he showed as the most outstanding under-17 player in Australia a few years back.

Signed to the Cowboys as a teenager and then the Brisbane Broncos, Alberts has played only five NRL games with the Sea Eagles.

But he is already firmly entrenched in a centre spot alongside Terry Hill and is getting better with every game in the big time. I have been impressed with Alberts from the day he arrived at summer training last November.

He has recently undergone a shoulder reconstruction and his rehabilitation was excellent.

After a few games in Premier League, Alberts has got his opportunity.

He hits hard in defence and is very quick on his feet. The former Rockhampton junior says he would like nothing better than to knock over the Cowboys at Brookvale Oval tomorrow.

Alberts is unique among NRL players. While his teammates drive to the team's headquarters at the Sydney Academy of Sport every day in cars ranging from Steve Menzies yellow Monaro to Terry Hill's latest four wheel drive beast, Alberts pedals his way around Wakehurst Parkway on his trusty Malvern Star bicycle.

"It helps keep me fit, I love riding in the fresh air and I live at Narrabeen so it is easy for me to use pedal power," Alberts said.

What a refreshing attitude!

Most young players can't wait to get into a flashy new car when they sign an NRL contract but for Alberts it is no big deal.

The youngster is having no trouble settling into the northern beaches way of life.

In fact a couple of times a week he heads to Anthony Watmough's mum's place for some good home cooked meals.

One of the best members of the team on the tooth, Alberts amazed everyone when he asked for a surf and turf at the Blue Water Resort at Shelly Beach this week after a huge team dinner. All of the players were stumped and couldn't take another mouthful.

Alberts simply kept chomping away. Superbly fit and eager to make up for lost time "Bert" is now mature enough to live up to those lofty expectations from his teenage days.

* * *

SAM Harris is the undisputed Sea Eagles king of the poker craze which is sweeping the world - Texas Holdem.

Harris won through from a field of 30 during a break in training at the team's Central Coast camp on Wednesday night.

The internet and television broadcasting of poker has seen an amazing boom in recent months.

And for an outlay of $20 per player it was a great night of entertainment and fun.

To say some of the Sea Eagles take their poker seriously is an understatement. Steve Menzies has his own fold-up felt table and a brief case which carries the necessary chips.

Each week the players gather for a team game of poker where the most any player can lose is $20.

"It's a great get-together - there is a whole lot of huffing and bluffing particularly from Chris Hicks who hates losing," Menzies said.

Hicks was eliminated from the camp championship despite having a straight flush. Ben Kennedy's straight flush was simply bigger.

And before the do gooders jump up and down and trot out the "poor example to our youth" line it is simply a diversion from training and a chance to get together for the players.

* * *

THE sight of the Sea Eagles with shirts off doing their boxing training was too much for some of the elderly female bowlers at the Mingara Sports and Recreational Club at Tumbi Umbi on the Central Coast this week.

With the side going through a vigorous session in the midday sun, several of the bowlers downed their bowls and simply watched the players go through their program with boxing trainer Dave Millward.

"My concentration has been shot but I'm not complaining - can you come back next week?" one old dear asked Anthony Watmough
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"And before the do gooders jump up and down and trot out the "poor example to our youth" line"



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Most dangerous game in the world, that Lawn Bowls. More people die playing the game than any other sport!!!! :lol:

I heard 80% of accidents happen in the I moved :lol: :lol:

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