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Albert Hopoate Gone?


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Jun 22, 2010
He certainly might turn out to be a fabulous player but on what we saw at Manly this year based on that from alone - at the moment he is a long long way short of NRL standard. He was a turnstyle in defence - had no idea on his positional defence and offered absolutely zero in attack. That is just plain reality. Schuster on the other hand came in and owned the game from the first second - Schu showed he belongs and now. Hopoate might belong in time but based on what he showed us to date - it will be at least two years before he might be anything. Do we wait for two years on a maybe - I say nope - pass. We need some now type players - we have enough other juniors coming through for the future - Burbo, young Fainu - etc
And if/when he does come good in two years itโ€™ll be about the time heโ€™s due to take two years off to spread the word.

Will has had a good career but what could have been if he played on instead of taking two years off.


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Sep 8, 2010
Don't know a thing about this kid personally, but will say has far more promise than he showed coming back after a long major injury issue and will improve big time.
The fact Manly stood by him during this process, one would expect a youngster to repay the faith and sign a "Fair" deal....get on with playing some quality footy and "earn" the type of contract his dad is asking for.....
I mean the Dogs have already made offers last season, so the false contract numbers before his underwhelming games in 2020 are obviously in the Hoppa's heads now.
The whole thing has been a circus and as much as he can improve and become a "good" finisher, the problems and continual noise created by the Hopoate name is a drain on the club.
If the kid could speak for himself and was happy to be at Manly on a modest deal initially - happy he stayed....but at a time Manly are struggling enough for various reasons, this type of stuff just contributes and also, tells other players that they can dictate terms to Manly....this should not be the case and the heirarchy at Manly needs to be tough and make the hard calls to bring back the success.

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Dec 11, 2018
At this stage, I prefer to wait for an official statement about Albert rather than rely on media conjecture. However, it appears his spot has been taken by Koula. Miski & Sione Fainu are not listed in the top 27 on the MWSE site, but will be in the mix somewhere. This could be the case for Albert also. There will probably be a lot of movement within the Canterbury Cup side.

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Apr 5, 2015
Why? Because we didn't offer Hoppa more than $500k over two years after rehabbing him for the past two. How is our squad such a long way off?

We were absolutely decimated by injuries in a covid year where a rule change affected the way we had planned to approach the season.

Wait until next season is done before slitting your wrists. We were a whisker away from playing for a GF appearance last season without Turbo.
Very well said...


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Mar 7, 2015
I'd say Albert has probably had very little to do personally with the decision on his playing future. I have no doubt he'd be quite happy to stay at Manly.
We've done a lot for the Hopoate family and all we've received in return is crap, all the way from the old man to Will and every other player bearing that name, we've been used and abused, I for one don't ever want to see the name Hopoate on a Manly team sheet again

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