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AGM - Brookie Topic

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Ramrod, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Ramrod

    Ramrod Well-Known Member

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    RE: Brookvale Funding Issue.

    Kerry Sibraa & Phil Dean tried their hardest to seek grants for Brookie.

    The crux of the issue is that as long as Warringah Council has the land, we won't get much with all the maryjane-sniffing-nimbin-loving-green-lefties trying to turn Brookie into a multi-grass-faceted venue much like the touted Frisbee park (all opinions and the adjectives are mine alone and not from the AGM).

    Apparently, much of the previous grant has been spent leaving behind just under $4M? This will be used by March/April through work on Jane Try, lifts?, etc. Consultancy fees would have eaten part of our funding like those dumb architects drawings, which are now dead (hopefully).

    The best hope for Manly fans is that the ground comes under the State Trust. This means it'll be just like Newcastle, Parramatta, etc. Then we have a better chance to see bigger grants to fix our stadium and modernize it like the others.

    Remember, this is the only NRL ground in Sydney's North catering for one million in population. Any speculation of Manly ever leaving Brookie for a smaller CC population is a joke.

    Also -
    There is a positive feeling in the AGM.
    Talk seems focused on giving Tooves all the support he requires.
    Any negative board disagreements are now media driven.
    Don't get drawn into the hands of those who hates us.

    I feel good about this new era and I hope fans give Dave Perry a chance to prove himself instead of letting the media sucker us into another "who is to blame crap". For me, the only ones to blame are the ones who deserted us. They are now my enemies and no longer anyone I would respect. Those who are still at our club, has loyalty and integrity.

    Let us all get behind Tooves, the board, the players and our MIGHTY Manly club.

  2. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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    Good words Ramrod!!!!
  3. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

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    My impression is that agitators on the council are using their 'greenie' approach as it is morey a NIMBY matter - Not in my back yard.

    They bought near a football ground, knowing it was a football ground but now want to stop it being a football ground.

    It is easy to support anything that stymies games at Brookie.

    I like the idea of a State Trust as then it becomes a matter for the greater good of people in the area rather than just the few vocal local yokels.

    Good points Ramrod.
  4. arty

    arty Active Member

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    Vocal local yokels...priceless....!
  5. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

    +560 /20
    what a mess this has been for so long. We have Abbott as Opposition Leader and still zip!! No wonder our club is losing 6-7 figures every year. People rip into Penn about taking the club away but what is our future if we are losing big dollars at Brookie??? Will Penn be an autobank every year?? Pollies should put 20 mill into Brookie and we will be set for life!!
  6. Phantar

    Phantar Well-Known Member

    +273 /0
    Darren - how can Abbott fund Brookvale upgrades whilst he is in Opposition? That defies logic.

    He/she who controls the Treasury control the funding.

    Abbott has previously promised funds if he wins - so let's take his word for it.

    The best bet right now (for additional funds) is via the state government.
  7. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

    +215 /5
    Whilst you are right Phantar, Mr RAbbot has basically promised something unspecific at the 11th Hour with little substance to any idea. Politicians are loathe to make promises on things like this as they know that empty promises are held against them.

    Our politicians have all been disinterested in the topic, much the pity when the stimulus packages were being rolled out into electorates that were of both parties. The difference in this situation is that the projects that received money had ready-made plans whereas too many have been sitting on their bums on this one, with dreams but little else to substantiate it.
  8. The Eagle

    The Eagle Well-Known Member

    +480 /0
    I'd believe Abbott on his funding but $10mil isn't redevelopment money at all, its obviously for maintenance....
  9. Jono

    Jono Well-Known Member

    +176 /5
    For most of them this is not the case. The friends of Brookvale group actually want to keep the ground and upgrade it. However, they don't want the unit blocks that the council want to build next to it. I am 100% behind them on this.

    In saying this, there are others, including a couple on the council, that use this as an excuse to spout their anti-Brookie Oval BS. I don't understand why though because the most funds (after rates) comes from the Manly Sea Eagles for using that ground. A couple of councillors seem to have a grudge against the team and will do whatever it takes to get rid of them.
  10. Ramrod

    Ramrod Well-Known Member

    +433 /2
    Hi Darren.
    Phantar is right. Abbott promised funding if he won. He got a majority but the minorities are in power. Let's see what he'll do "if" he ever gets into the driving seat before we make judgement.

    Anyway, State and Federal won't pump any significant amount into Brookie as long as it's under local council hands. This is because they know it'll be siphoned off for other things.

    Remember when we got the $10M?
    The Lefties got in the local Daily and whined about wasting money on rugby league and want the money that Manly campaigned for to be used for their own projects instead. What I don't understand is why they couldn't campaign for their own grants and want to take others?

    One thing for sure, the Lefties hates Manly Sea Eagles (tall poppy syndrome).
    Watch how you vote in every election as this may affect our club.

    Again, the State Trust is our best bet for Brookie survival.
    We want to be on even footing with Wotsdamatta, Drugcastle and the rest.

    The question is - how do we get the Council to release it to the State?

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    • Craigm

      Craigm New Member

      +2 /0
      Council want to hand it over to the State Govt.

      The big problem will be getting the State Govt to agree to take it on.[hr]
      Don't kid yourself. They might "say" they want the Sea Eagles to stay and the ground upgraded, but the reality is they will oppose not just the units, but also the upgrades that are needed to allow the Sea Eagles to stay.

      At the moment, what is Brookvale Oval within Brookvale Park is the area defined by the Black Fence. Those areas outside the black fence are classified as "Park" (eg carpark area behind the Hill). The residents are dead against any upgrade that encroaches on the "Park" area, yet to build the 10,000 under cover seats the Sea Eagles need, that black fence line well have to move.

      Similarly, they will oppose new grandstands that are higher than the existing stands yet that is what will need to happen.
    • Fluffy

      Fluffy Well-Known Member

      +5,631 /205
      Dickbott was in power for more than 10 years and gave us nothing. Only promised cause he thought he would lose
    • Darren

      Darren Well-Known Member

      +560 /20
      Never forget him coming on in his Manly jersey when Liberal were about to get flogged promising the world!! Lost me forever there!
    • Phantar

      Phantar Well-Known Member

      +273 /0
      That was in 2007. In 2010, he made his promise (for $10 million towards the upgrade) well before the election and when he was looking a real chance of winning that election. Even if he should be deposed before the next election (unlikely), he will have plenty of credits* up his sleeve for putting the Coalition in a position where they almost won in 2010 and therefore well placed for 2013. That did not look at all likely in mid-2009.

      As for Fluffy's comments - Brookvale Oval received its first significant funding in 10+ years in the May 2005 Federal Budget - for the TV-standard lighting. You largely can thank Kerry Sibraa's efforts with Tony Abbott for that.

      Remember that for much of the previous 10 years the future of the Club and therefore its usage of the ground, was under a cloud created by the Superleague War. So why would anyone have reasonably put up significant funds for its upgrade back then? By 2005 the situation was of course stabilising and things were looking better for the Club financially. The only money in the intervening period (from the previous state government) had been for the 'tennis boxes' in the JT stand and the video scoreboard. That was well below $1 million.

      *That could bode well for Brookvale if the Coalition wins - irrespective of whether Abbott is still the Federal leader.
    • The Eagle

      The Eagle Well-Known Member

      +480 /0
      Abbott will win the next election....Brookie may or may not get the money and we'll have the international record for lowest iq to run a country ever,50 points of iq below the GW Bush administration

      Were going for the guinness book of records baby! Woot

      Fyi I think Abbott will give brookie cash, no idea if it will be for maintainence or redevelopment though
    • mozgrame

      mozgrame Well-Known Member

      +5,134 /51
      Abbott will make a fantastic leader/puppet. As long as the puppet masters behind him zip his mouth and pull the right strings. It will be a nice change from the Kath and Kim champion we have now.
    • The Who

      The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

      +7,257 /173
      What is wrong with building apartments near Brookie if it will help fund an upgrade of the oval? Private developers will be able to decide if there is a demand to live there, and proceed only if they can make a decent profit. I see nothing wrong with this. Does anyone on this Forum?
      Without private investors and developers our crisis in housing availability would be even more acute. The public sector doesn't build any.
      If the issue is that people don't want high-rise around a sporting venue because of the aesthetics then I'm again mystified. Anything new and well designed would improve the local area and enhance the surrounding property values. Currently that precinct is very shabby.
      The most likely reason for opposing unit development is the NIMBY attitude, or purely the fear of change.
      Those of you who have been to Vancouver will appreciate how well a clump of high-rise apartments around a sporting venue works.
    • Phantar

      Phantar Well-Known Member

      +273 /0
      Or San Diego's Petco Park.
    • Eric Galt

      Eric Galt Active Member

      +459 /15
      If Abbott got a majority why isn't he in power then?. Fact is he did not get a majority, thankfully. More MP's supported Labor and they are in power, again thankfully.
    • Nicola Eagle

      Nicola Eagle Member

      +3 /0
      Does anyone know if there is someone at the club who is focusing on Brookvale upgrade as part of their role? Or is this where Sibraa is utilised?

      Eg Sibraa secured light funding and recent $6mill funding?

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