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Right we need to start getting signs to hold up at the game with at least mildly smart ass remarks and names on them

Such as:

- "For a bloke with a chicks name kylie sure does hit hard"

- "Ben Walker, welcome to the sandpit of dreams -"

and so on. What else you guys got and if I see someone holding up a sign with on it, I will buy you a beer.

(Disclaimer: Daniel's beer buying limit is 2. So the first 2 signs I see get a beer. No signs then i drink the beers myself, if you are too young to drink beer you get an ice cream or a coke.

You are responsible for the quote you put on the sign, and you should excersise usual caution and stay within the law)

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Oh and by the way the sign must be bigger than A4 and fullscap. We are talking poster size ladies and gentleman
I can print poster size prints..........think of a slogan i'll print it out then someone can hold it up!

I cant go this weekend, but someone who goes can collect it from me if they like!...

I'm busy taking pics at games! :D
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The fun is in gettingother users involved. Are you going to make it to this round byso or can you print it out for six to bring to the game?

And who buys me a beer if I get on TV with it?

Byso Hilton is a special to get on TV with a sign though
True, I'll take the photos though i'd hate to dissapoint....

Yep I could make it for this weekend.
im pretty sure we will have the usual array of banners.

If we get just an i can stick that to the bottom of the one i hold up.

Usually am on the telly a bit with them.
cool let us know what time you get there and surpriseme with a sign or two
Can you also print out a "Welcome to the Fortress" or "Welcome to Fortress Brookvale"

I would hold them up
The ones we have are a platic canvas about 1m high and 6ft wide.

We have 4 - Manly power - manly magic - Beaver - and something else i cant remeber.

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