advice from silvertail dad's?

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advice from silvertail dad's?

Mood swings have started 8| . She has always been pretty steady but Oh boy. i am just nodding and smiling :lol2:
advice from silvertail dad's?

The Wheel's comments made me think of a few more little 'snippets' :)

We went for the bottle straight away for both our children: even if you (well, your partner) wants to breast feed, bottle's are a God-send (and not just for the fact that the little bugger's get hungry!). If the baby is able to bottle feed as well as breast feed, you will have more chances to feed the baby yourself as well as have better luck with sitters.

Being able to feed the baby yourself is awesome: you get some great personal time with the baby that you otherwise wouldn't have, and your partner will love you for getting up at 2 in the morning... a well rested mother is almost as important as a well rested father!

The second thing with bottle feeding is that you are more likely going to be able to have sitters: you can't leave a baby for more than a few hours if the baby will only breast feed!

That leads me to my other point... be sure to get out. Make a point of going out for a date at least once a month. It may only need to be a movie but the important thing is not feeling the need to rush home. We're lucky in that both of Amy's parents live nearby (the fact that they're divorced also gives us twice as many sitters :) ). On a note that starts to step on some peoples' toes, we also found that by having our daughter babysat fairly regularly she's used to not necessarily having us around all the time.

Finally... As The Wheel said, there's only two things a baby will cry at (actually I'll add one more: gas pains). The important thing to realise is that each reason has a different cry. When the baby cries, take a couple of seconds and listen to the cry and pretty soon you'll know exactly what is wrong with it. That will make the baby more comfortable and more importantly, will make you more confident.

I say all of this in the afterglow of our own little event: baby Finley slept through the night for the first time last night. It took him 7 weeks (compared to 3 for Ella) so we were thinking that it wasn't going to happen at all...
advice from silvertail dad's?

Well done to all. Being a parent is the hardest thing I have everd done (getting started was the easy bit :yeah: ) but it is also the hardest.

Shaping young lives and dealing with the various events that happen to them, over which you have little control is very hard. Lots of wisdom, grey hair and dare I say it, prayer, is needed and many many mistakes etc are guaranteed. I wouldn't wnat it any other way though.
advice from silvertail dad's?

thanks again guys. all advice is being printed out and put in my "how to look after a rugrat" folder.
We haven't told family and friends as yet. Waiting for the end of the first trimester to make sure everything is alright - we are both of an older vintage!
When we tell all I'm sure we will have advice coming out our ears.
advice from silvertail dad's?

Nodd Actually a good book to get is Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall, that was the best out of all the booms that were thrown at us. There is also a website
advice from silvertail dad's?

Lastly, pick up a book on Tennis. Best way to bring up a kid and useful when they make a Racket. When you reach Break Point and want to use the Cross Shot, remember you can also use the overhead lob, the forehand, the backhand, and finally the grand slam. There may be unforced errors where you have to change ends but do avoid the drop shot and overhead smash.
advice from silvertail dad's?

Thanks Wheel, that site looks like it may come in very handy for first time parents.

MB your advice has also been taken onboard. LOL

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