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Journey Man
Guys - a bloke on MSE asked why I was such a huge advocate of young Adam Cuthbertson, and I replied like this. What do YOU all think of my summary of the situation? Before I start, like Corso said, I know NO-ONE will be able to replace BK, and agree with that, so with that in mind:-

Ok - here's the deal with my assessment of Cuthbertson. Midway through 2004, Cuthbertson was a lot quicker, mobile and was a true blue 2nd rower. I remember attending a many a home game to watch all three grades, and remember one of the highlights each week, was the combination Cuthbertson had with Jye Mullane, who was playing centres at the time. Cuthbertson, who appeared to have about 5-10 Kg's less on his frame than he does now, was allowed to roam wide of the ruck (hence term wide running backrower), where he excelled. In my opinion, he was ALWAYS a standout in Premier League, and why in my opinion was touted as the next big thing at the start of each season in Rugby League Week.
Then, all of a sudden, Manly have a depth issue in 2005 in their props. So what happens? This mobile, wide running second rower seems to all of a sudden bulk up, lose mobility, and is told to go on in the front row....a position that in my opinion completely doesn't suit him. I THOUROUGHLY disagree with Manly's assessment of Cuthbo to be a prop. I would also say that at the time, we had plenty of depth in the 2nd row / lock positions with Stewart, Tutt Williamson, Harris, Beaver, Watmough, Kennedy & co.
Therefore, I believe if he slimmed down again, was able to play his natural game, as a wide running second rower (possibly BK's replacement), he would strike up a ruthless combination with Lyon and Bell with his ability to offload in traffic.
I also say that it is Des"s fault he didn't excel at prop, because it was a position foreign to him, and now he is being punished with no 1st grade time due to that error in judgment.
This seams to be a real problem with this team (players playing out of position). For goodness sakes;
Travis is a 5/8. Let him play 5/8 next year;
Lyon is one of the best centres in the world. Let him PLAY there;
Beaver isn't a centre or 5/8. He is the most prolific forward try scorer. Play him there;
Matai is a good centre / winger (played wing against Canberra in 05). The thought of him replacing BK, and battering 200+ metres a game with his frame is plain silly.

Let Cuthbertson play his natural position, and give him a free range to play. We've done it with Rose, and look at him improve (albeit as a prop).

Mate - that's why I think he's good.


Journey Man
I agrew with you Ryan. It staggers belief that he has been so poorly treated by the coach and club when others are given so much rope.

I wonder if he hasn't run over someone's pet or shagged someone's daughter to be as ostracised as he is.


Played school footy wit cuthbo and he hated playing in the front row. He always insisted i play in the front row and he play in the second row as he prefered it.


Journey Man
Ryan - nicely written

Something to add is that he plays in his preffered second row position most of the time (last night imcluded) - so is not even practising being a prop.

Plain stupid if they want him to be a prop or you might be on the money for 07

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I am not sure I agree. I saw Cuthbo play in the trials and he looked very good. Several here (including me) called for his inclusion and applauded the selection when he got picked.

However his form in first grade was pretty average and the last game he played against Brisbane was poor. He was then dropped and since then has bided his time in Reggies.

We don't know his attitude, we don't know what was said to him and also what injuries he may have carried. If he is good enough he will be back. It is a massive jump from PL to firsts and he is still young. He must work hard at it and earn his call up and he may be better for the experience.

How it can be Des's fault that he was called up and then played poorly is beyond me.

Ryan - you were calling him to play as a winger - which says it all to me!!!!!


Journey Man
CW - if the club wants him as a prop - he should be playing in that position in PL. Surely you agree with that?

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Cuthbo is not a better back rower than BK, Beaver, Choc or Glenn Stewart. Maybe he will be better than Willo but he doesn't have his workrate.

If he is to be a prop he is certainly not ahead of the current four (five counting Kylie) though some may argue about Morwood who only played a few minutes last night.


Journey Man
He is a different style of backrower to those mentioned. And since BK will not be playing next year he would be the best backup. He would play a similar game style to willie mason. The fact remains that we are not going to replace BK.

I would rate him as good as Glenn and willo but a different game style so its apples with oranges. I see him as more of a replacement for Sam Harris' role (note his role, not performance)


First Grader
I am sure he will get his opportunity in the backrow next season. I see him being on the bench next season playing a impact type of role, like Pritchard used to do at the Panthers.

He did not quite look ready for 1st grade and I am sure the coaching staff have told him what to work on and we will see him back in 1st grade but in the backrow next year.


Agree with what you say about Cuthbertson.

Where has the talk of Matai in the back row come from? I haven't heard/read it anywhere but the forums.

Travis Burns is a halfback who has adapted to fit in to first grade at 5/8, just like he said he would do last year.


Winging it
Speaking of Travis, what about all the talk on Fox last night that Monas is goooorne and Burnsie is being slated as a hooker? !!!!!


Speaking of Travis, what about all the talk on Fox last night that Monas is goooorne and Burnsie is being slated as a hooker? !!!!!

That's just one theory, the commentater decided to state it as fact for some reason.


Journey Man
Speaking of Travis, what about all the talk on Fox last night that Monas is goooorne and Burnsie is being slated as a hooker? !!!!!

!pray: !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray:


Journey Man
Canteen, While I appreciate what your saying, I also believe that the player we have seen given a chance in 06, is completely a different player to the one we saw excel only last year. I believe Des, or another one of the coaching staff decided that prop is the best position for him, and to bulk up for the experiment. I also think that took away his best ability in my opinion, which is to run at opposition wingers and centres, then offload the ball when in traffic. He did this best by utilising his height (not weight like a prop), and finesse. The latter skill taken away from him with the bulking up over the off season. But your right, I don't know the facts, and he may have bulked up, just because he wanted to. Who knows.
I just would absolutely adore that fast, finesse type player with the amazing ability to offload in our squad next year, with the tools and coaching given to the young guy to actually do what he does best...and at this stage, with NIL backrow signings on the horizons, think Cuthbo should start preparing for a tough, challenging 2007 in first grade.


Reserve Grader
Cuthbertson seems to be the "forgotten man" at Manly. We got to Telstra Stadium on Saturday early enough to watch the Premier League game. I thought Cuthbo was the standout player in this match. He scored a great try. I'm a fan of his & hope he improves his form over the coming weeks & into season 07'.

Btw , Saturdays crowd of 7509 ?????
They must have been counting feet to come up with that figure.I was down at Lake Park , Narrabeen on Sunday arvo to watch the top of the table A Grade clash between Narrabeen Sharks & Valley. There seemied to be a bigger crowd there when what I saw at Telstra Stadium for the Homebush Hares match. ( Vally def Narrabeen )
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