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When we get a call on the ABC i always tune in and tune on at various points for some extra opinions on the play. Did anyone else listen last night ? They were disgraceful, usually the best show out there but last night was 1 of the worst i have seen.

The team was Morrow, Ryan and Osbourne, and they had some agendas last night.

First off we had Morrow saying that the Matai hit on Smith was intentional.
Ryan seems to have some serious issues with Hasler, saying stuff such as "He was never a smart footballer, just energetic" and that carried over into constant pot****s at how dumb and crap Hasler was as a coach, for not playing Monaghan at 7 over Orford. However that wasnt even the worst part of the call.

That was their continous, game long. hatchett job on Orfords NSW chances. I though Orford was average last night, but they had him at about 1/10.
The biggest attack was on his kicking game, saying it is "disgraceful, "z grade" "not anywhere near origin" "can't kick a football" "appalling" were just a few of what was dished out after every kick. Their main problem was his length. When he was kicking for touch "He has made 10m, Why has Hasler got him kicking, he cant kick, Des is just plain dumb if he cant see this guy cant kick, at least Monaghan knows how to kick a ball".
Ryan was constanting telling Osbourne after the match that he had to find Orford afterwards and question him about his lack of kicking ability. Osbourne was happy to go along with it and laugh after every kick he made how they could bag him in a question. Well after the match the interview happened, and i was bloody proud of Orford for firing back at them.
Osbourne "The kicking game was poor tonight"
Ox "No i dont think so, we found the dirt about 70% of the time"
Osbourne "Just the length of it that was bad then"
Ox " na mate you are wrong again" and at that point there was an abrupt end to the interview.
They then got into him for a while about being so stupid he cant see how bad his kicking game is, or that he is in denial.

Was a disgraceful call from a normally professional team

After saying all that. they mentioned something which had me thinking. They admitted Orford was better in the 2nd half, and they said he is a good frontrunner and Monaghan had been the one to turn the match.
I found that interesting and am debating the truth in the statement, when we are in front Orford is normally pretty good, but when we are down he doesnt seem to be able to lift us out of that hole consistently

Onto some thoughts from the game

Matai added plenty in defence, and also his value from dummy half coming out of pressure is invaluable for us, a guaranteed 7-10m and a rest for the forwards to get back.

Rose was awesome, by far his best match of the season

Monaghan was again awesome, turned the game for us with a few big plays and was solid all night. Would love it if he could teach Orford his short passing game before he goes. The combination he has iwth Watmough is a smaller version of Lyons/Menzies with his ability to put Watmough through the gap. The weight and positioning of the pass is beautiful from a short distance, whereas when you see Orford throw it, 8/10 you see Watmough drop it, primarily because the pass is far too strong and gives very little chance of a catch. Orford just lacks that subtlety to the pass that Monas has

Stewarts second try was amazing, the pace and skill to get that ball down was awesome.


Warren Ryan is very anti Manly, not sure why, if he remained sober long enough mayby someone could ask him why.

Mayby he lived so much in Bob Fultons Shadow ( not forgetting Des was one of Bozo's boys ) and now while Bozo is on 2ue he is still living in the shadow of his more illustrious coaching nemesis.

Orfords drop outs seemed a bit average last night but the extremly slippery conditions dont help kickers.

lets not forget he did kick us to about 4 drop outs from Parramatta, 2 pinpoint bombs which where defused by Hayne extremely well and the pinpoint kick for Hicksy to score.

Ryan has an agenda of the highest order, so few people listen to the ABC no one really cares, remember they are not driven b y ratings like the other stations so they can do what they want and are not goverened by performance, between him and "thirsty" Morrow mayby they should be breath tested pre call.


UFO Hunter
Any Manly game that is covered by Ryan is a disgrace. It's been that way since I was just 12 years old tuning in on a sunday afternoon to hear the call.

He is just into Orford because of the Jersey he is wearing. The asshole can't put a 30 YO issue behind him and somehow he thinks he's funny.

Good on orford for giving it too them. I am truly starting to believe that Gould is the only one honest enough to tell it as it is. Everyone else has an agenda. Even Rabbits brought up the 'open checkbook' rubbish and Gould said, bloody hell rabbits thats 30 years ago!!!

Gould believes monaghan plays a different kicking style to most other halfbacks. Many go for the in goal trying to force a repeast set but often flirt with the dead in goal as a result.

Orford is happy to plod away at the 5 and 10m line, taking the risk of a 20m restart out of the frame. Then let the defense do the work. In the end you gain 15 meters even though it looks like a nothing kick.

I try to ingnor fags who think their opinion is the only one that matters. Warren Ryan is a douche bag of the highest order. You only need to look at the clubs he's coached to know he is full of ****.


Ryan is just a relic of the 80s, the fact that he was such a high ranking coach in his day, that with all the media covering the games these days the only gig he can get is on the ABC who pay a pie and a case of "KB" per game.

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Ryan is just a relic of the 80s, the fact that he was such a high ranking coach in his day, that with all the media covering the games these days the only gig he can get is on the ABC who pay a pie and a case of \"KB\" per game.

Crickey........if i cut it back to a sausage roll and a six pack i might replace him & get the gig. :lol2:


look up dinasaur in the dictionary and there is a picture of Ryan there, alcaholic veins in his nose and all.

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I usually like the analysis of Ryan and Co and find them much more analytical than the other mob. Only problem is when Manly are involved, Ryan cannot put the 70s and 80s behind them, similar to way that Roy Masters continues to dwell on the Silvertail/Fibro stuff.

That is old hat and the rest of the world has moved on. It is time they did the same.


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Ryan and Masters could have been brothers. Their deep rooted hatred of Manly has never ceased and a lot of it goes back to the fact that they were spanked by us in those days.

As a spectator at the game I thought Orford's long kicking game was poor and they seemed to go straight to the back two. Watching the replay on tv that didn't look as bad but at the ground looking at the whole field and the impact they made it looked weak. In many ways he did start to turn it around and I wouldn't rate his performance as 1 of out 10 in any way.

I thought Rabs dragging up the open chequebook statements again very annoying and seeing how easy it would have been for Gould to have just agreed it was a big call from him to virtually say 'pull your head in'. There are definitely some fossils lurking around out there.

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I wouldnt take too much from Rabs statements, he was looking to show some of the history of the game to a younger audience, was no intent to show Manly in a bad light imo, he just loves his footy

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Warren Ryan was Masters reserve grade coach at wests in the 1970s - that is where the hatred started


Ryan went on for a fair while tonight about how he backed Phil Gould's call for Monas as the NSW 7. Got stuck into Orford a little bit again ("I just don't think he can kick the ball far enough for Origin, when he's kicking from his own 40 and can't get it more than 35 metres..." etc).

Had plenty of good things to say about Monas though and made it very clear that if he was picking the side that he'd be picking Monas.

With Bozo on the selection panel, and the public backing of the likes of Ryan, Gould etc Monas's chances are really growing every day.

Kimmorley will probably get the call though. Especially after guiding the Sharks to a win over Lockyer last night.


the safe bet is for kimmorley to play game one, should they lose, it will become a lottery!

yeah Ryan and Masters still have scars about their teams getting belted by us, and then if they produced stars, we just bought them HAHAHAHHAA


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I thought Ryan's statments re Orford's kicking was spot on. Who can forget the metre gained on the penalty in Canberra and the ten metre kick on Sat night, which led to their first try. I've brought this up at a Manly coach night last year. Why is it that a player can't be coached by say, a Swans player, to punt long with penalties? Make forty metres rather than five at the moment.

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