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It confirms that the melbourne team are a joke and only survive due to Newscorp's $13m per year.

We clearly need a better stadium to attarct better gate receipts/sponsorship.
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Worrying times ahead given the bottom line. Seems strange that the sponsorship dollars are weak given that we're the only team on the north side of town.
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The wet weather this year ( as predicted by that incredible sooth from Dubbo) has knocked average crowds around a bit this year. The club has to keep working to get profitable. No way do we want a repeat of the dark days or worse - no Manly!!!
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It is not overstating it to say that it the oval that causes manly the biggest problem from a sponsorship point of view. The biggest shortfall is in the Gold and silver sponsorship areas which are around the 30-50K per year sponsorships and the simple reason is there is no where to put them. The only boxes that cater for that investment are at the southern stand and they are full because there is only 12 of them the boxes around the ArkoStand/Presidents lounge carry the heavyweights Delmege, Strathfield Reed etc. there is no room left on the jumpers and no one is going to invest anywhere near 50K for static signage whether it be on the ground or elsewhere.

The tennis box category is around the 8-15k per annum mark which attracts your small to medium local businesses but even with them there are not that many left but you would have to sell 5 of them to equal 1 of the gold boxes.

The best illustration i can give for it is to see how hard they are pushing to fill the coporate boxes at Gosford because what has happened is they have put everyone who currently has property in brookvale effectively into one side of the stadium up there and have exactly the same available on the other side of the stadium to fill.
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Brookvale Upgrade is urgently needed. The hill is great but fans at $25 per head are not going to significantly raise the needed revenue to ensure our long term future.
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Exactly right canteen it is exactly the same arguement at that end you cant just say well it would great if we could get another 20k people to come to the game and stop doing whatever it is that they are doing instead of coming to the game but even if they did where would you put them.
Team P W L PD Pts
3 3 0 35 6
3 3 0 32 6
2 2 0 29 6
3 2 1 0 6
3 2 1 14 4
3 1 2 4 4
3 2 1 2 4
3 2 1 -7 4
2 1 1 -8 4
3 1 2 1 2
3 1 2 -3 2
3 1 2 -9 2
4 1 3 -11 2
3 1 2 -14 2
3 1 2 -22 2
3 1 2 -25 2
3 0 3 -18 0
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