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Watching the footy last night and their was about 8 mins to go, so the game was all over by then and i got a text message from my mate who is i'm sad to say a Sharks supporter and all it read was: "All i can say is it's been a pleasure BK. Played the game the way it was supposed to be played"

Then just as i finished reading it i got another text message from the same bloke saying "and i say that with a little tear in the eye"

SO goes to show it's not only the people who have had a chance to barrack for ben Kennedy whether he be playing for Canberra, Newcastle or Manly.. but majority of footy fans as a whole can appreciate the bloke for everything he has done.

I doubt he'd read this but just in case i'd like to say to BK. Mate, thank you for being a true champion in every sense of the word. You are an inspiration and a motivation and the Rugby League World has lost a great man. Manly and their fans cannot thank you enough. Good luck in future endeavours.


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Well said, BK was an inspiration wasn't he. He always played with so much enthusiasm and never let anyone down. I think everyone is Australia would have supported him at some stage through his career wether it was Canberra, Newcastle, Manly, Country, NSW or Australia. He will be sorely missed.


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Well said Nutz. Life without BK will be tough but the boys will battle on. Thanks for the memories BK - You are a true legend :clap: :clap:

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It was a sad way for BK to bow out!!! He gave his all to the club in a short time. What I would give for one more year - however hopefully his legacy will go on.


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Does any one know if BK is playing any part with the club in the future, he would be a massive influence on younger guys there. I only hope they entice him to some sort of role within the club.

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Even the Sea Eagle news said that the Kennedys were moving to the Gold Coast at the end of September. They have bought two shops and are making their life up there.

Sadly missed. Hail to a champion!!!

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