a Monaghs to 5/8 thread


has yet again appeared on MSE, amazing isnt it.... i guess they got bored with the Jamie Lyon Threads!

its so frustrating, happens about once a month, i guess i can see a significant corrolation now with that frequency! :roll: :roll:


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I think he'd be better served at 5/8. With the players we currently have.

Pepsi who should play 5/8?

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Witt and Monagahan are similar sorts of players. The long cut-out bounce pass between the centres has not worked for us this year and more of the same is unlikely to help next year. Monas has a dig but I don't think he is a 5/8.

I really doubt if he will be with us next year as all this speculation must have some substance. I am expectiing a quiet off-season announcement that Manly are reluctantly willing to release him to some needy team. (Just a guess?)


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I agree with that as well. But going with what we have would you have Witt or Monas at 5/8. I think that is the decision that has to be made.

I'm discounting the fact that Monas mynot be here next year.


I think Monas has some strengths, such as his ability to take on the line and his long kicks.

These would be wasted I think at hooker. But whether he can pass well enought at 5/8 I dont know, however you could have him playing a running 5/8 option rather than a real passing one if you had Orford at half.


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Can I say something guys. I think we all forget the talent that is Matt Orford in this. He has had a 1/2 back outside of him all year as Scott Hill has been injurred, and it hasn't effected his teams performances at all. In fact, I consider Hill to be one of the best 5/8's in the game.

For that reason alone, I say put either Willow or Witt @ 5/8 (probably Willow) just to tighten up the defence.

I also think Matt Orford would do Witt the WORLD of good. Monnas is an apprentice 1/2 back, so can't really show Witt what to do. Orford on the other hand.


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Im not so sure that Monas weaknesses lye in defense Ryan. He is a good strong tackler. But I would like to see Witt in 5/8. I really do believe he shows some promise and I have absolutly no quams with Monas being at hooker. As long as he continues to keep his mouth shut about the clubs inner workings. And his tantrums.

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I think Monas would go well at hooker - he knows how to tackle, he can still use his kicking game from dummy half (think Craig Gower) and I have no doubt that he would be effective with the occassional dart from dummy half as well.

But for god's sake give the captaincy to BK or Orford.

Witt for mine at 5/8, he has a good kicking game in general play, can tackle and we need his goal kicking ability. I agree with Ryan that Witt should grow in confidence with a quality half beside him.


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it is not that amazing really, we dont have many 5/8 options do we? especially now Harris is going :roll:

however I am with CW on this, I doubt he will be around next year. if for some reason he is I believe he is the best option for 5/8.


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I thought Travis Burns had a reasonable debut in the 1's against the Panthers a few weeks ago.

He has a kicking game, solid defence and is young. Given our current selection strategies I would thought the kid may have got a 3pm start this weekend


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I think the Broncos would run over Burns like a train. I dont think he's another Toovey who COULD handle the bigger players.


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Agreed corso. Showed more promise in that game that Witt and Monas have all season. Bring him back to be taught by the best!


good arguments guys. Obviously i think Monas to 5/8. At hooker he would be wasted subbing him off for Dunley.

As for the captaincy to Orford? I dont think so. If Monas is to lose the captaincy i hope its to Watmough.


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Kaza, some people also think the gay mardigrah is good. We have to rely on fact rather than opinion here and steer well clear of monas for everything.

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