A Johns Washed up

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He had one of the worst games i've seen. He's got nothin. Of cause the crap forwards dont help.

A. Johns Aussie captain pfffft he wont even come close to making the side.
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I will wait a while before I make my judgement. Hardly fair to rate him on one performance in a year, in a soundly beaten side and behind a losing pack!

In league the name of the game is to win the forward battle and then the halves and backs do their thing!

The jury is out!
i dont think he can get back to his best behind there powder puff pack!!!! they will be lucky not to dodge bottom three i reckon!
I think i'll wait to see how he goes in the next few games. Might be worth the 15 minute walk to Canberra Stadium to see how he goes against the Raiders!
Now that's a hard game to tip.......
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Wake up to yourself byso. Have you ever had a knee reconstruction or played in the halves behind a forward pack that is going nowhere but backwards?
It's a bit harsh to write off a player of his standing and ability after one game!

What next - "Monas has done more in his career than A Johns?"
What next - "Monas has done more in his career than A Johns?"

im sure i read that on ME a while back!!!!!! :clap: :clap:
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Mata.....I wouldn't say that but I will say that from Sundays performance Monas is "currently" a better half :p
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Nothing low enough for your intellect, no. ;)
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Byso and Fluffy,I hear Peter Jessup from the NZ herald is looking for some new league reporters to report to his high level. You 2 look very qualified for the job in this thread :D
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Im not sure he will get back to his best but i think there will be plenty of improvement

Nope what i wrote has intellegence to it.

or did someone(thing) pull the wool over your eyes and you missed it?

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