A coach 'causing rift' with players and Flano Jr.




Which coach is forcing several of his leading players to take the field every week even though they are carrying injuries?

It's causing a rift with the players, who are being told to take painkilling injections before games and to "suck it up"

Could this be Seibs? Tommy has been busted all year; Schuster also injured, few others with a lot of strapping.


This is more worrying if true. Seibs better show some balls and tell Flanno to shove it.

Manly assistant coach Shane Flanagan is trying to get son Kyle to the Sea Eagles in 2024 in a bid to revive the halfback's career.

Flanagan, 24, is coming off contract with the Bulldogs at the end of the season and is unlikely to be re-signed.

The Sea Eagles are considering bringing him in and moving veteran Daly Cherry-Evans to five-eighth, then shifting the giant Josh Schuster to backrow or centre.
This is more worrying if true. Seibs better show some balls and tell Flanno to shove it.
This is more worrying if true. Seibs better show some balls and tell Flanno to shove it.
This is more worrying if true. Seibs better show some balls and tell Flanno to shove it.
No ****ing way. He a complete hack, we have Fainu, Humphries and copper johns as back up.
Yes I think Johns is a good back-up, while not top shelf he brings energy. Humphreys is a good organiser and goal kicker, probably with a higher potential ceiling than Flanagan. I don't diss Flanagan, he is a steady player who tries hard, but I think with Johns and Humphreys in the squad he wouldn't add a point of difference.
Some journos are always looking for a story, factual or not.

As for the coach telling his players to play ‘busted’ with injections, same journo and probably also a load of rubbish, however, I.am pretty sure there would be quite a few players who need a jab before taking the field, it’s just the nature of sort tissue injuries in the game.

Probably the worst example I have ever seen of injections that went wrong, was Graeme Langlands in the 1975 Grand Final. The poor guy’s leg went completely numb and he had a shocker.
This is more worrying if true. Seibs better show some balls and tell Flanno to shove it.
Thank fuk you brought that up. I read the original question from @Leighbra s OP and straight away thought Sheens. Because they’re desperate, and so is Sheens. No way Siebs would do it imo.
But the BIG news/gossip (same thing) is even the thought of Flanno Jnr coming here. And then it goes onto say Flanno to half, DCE to 5/8, and Tampon to second row or centre! That’s some serious methamphetamines being taken for someone even to joke about that happening.
I have come to enjoy Flanno Snrs commentary, as I feel it gives you a little insight on what he likes/dislikes from a player. Although, when I was watching the Cows v Newcastle game, Flanno was going over a no try decision when he said, "He’s jabbed him there". NO Flanno, pushed, shoved, fell over, anything but jabbed.
I understand that Flanno would love to be able to have his son back with him. Just wait a bit till they sack Griffin, and he can take him there. (Good luck replacing Hunt or Sloan).
In any case even if he came here, Kyle wouldn't 'play his best football under his father' if his father was lured to the Dragons or another club, which is quite possible in the near future. Gaining Kyle and losing Shane is not an option!
From FOX. This cannot happen!!!

Sea Eagles assistant Shane Flanagan is reportedly pushing for the Manly club to recruit his son Kyle for the 2024 season.

Kyle Flanagan, 24, remains without a contract for next season and is unlikely to be handed an extension to remain with the Bulldogs.

Now according to WWOS, Shane wants the Sea Eagles to hand the maligned halfback a lifeline and shake-up their spine.

Under new coach Anthony Seibold, Josh Schuster has been the club’s first choice five-eighth but has been sidelined with injury, playing only three games.

Flanagan reportedly wants Schuster to return to the backrow or shift to the centres, with Daly Cherry-Evans wearing the No.6 jersey alongside Kyle in the halves.

Kyle has had a turbulent spell at the Canterbury-Bankstown club after bursting onto the scene with the Sharks during Shane’s coaching tenure.

The young halfback has played 70 NRL games and the club are reportedly considering making a play for his services despite recruiting backup half Cooper Johns in the off-season.

In 2023, Kyle hasn’t produced a try or try assist and was shifted to five-eighth in Round 8 by Cameron Ciraldo in a bid to get the ball in Matt Burton’s hands.

Meanwhile, Flanagan is reportedly facing the axe ahead of Round 9, with Ciraldo potentially handing young gun Karl Oloapu his NRL debut.

According to the SMH, the Bulldogs coach is looking to reignite his side’s form after securing only three wins in eight games.
Isn't Flanno the coach, in line for the Saints coaching gig. Imagine getting Flanno jnr and then Flanno the coach goes to Saints...omg !!
The problem for Manly(Manly fans really)is that nobody is keen on taking on Flanagan Snr and there’s been a few vacancies since his ban has ended.Fair chance he sees out his Manly contract.I’ve seen enough of Humphries to judge that he has more upside than Kyle.I’d even keep Johns before Kyle.Actually,I’d keep Barrett’s garden furniture before Kyle
This looks like Fox Fiction that has spread to the other fiction writers desperate for a yarn. Coaching and recruitment staff would need to have actual rocks thudding around in their heads to take the idea outlined on board. I expect Flanagan is worried about his son but the solution won't be "Manly NRL Halfback."

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