9/11 Documentary on Ch 10

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Spuds Bodyguard

Reserve Grader
Did anyone happen to see the documentary on Ch10 last night about the 9/11 "conspiracy"


Have a look through some of the pages and you may look at things slightly differently.


First Grader
hhmm, I am sure that there was more to it than what we saw but to suggest that a modified military plane was used to plough into the WTC and that it took off from a military base and actually contained no passengers is just ****ing ridiculous.

If thats the case, what actually happened to the "real" passengers? Are they with Elvis?

The Wheel

Premium Member
The passengers could be being held at Area 51 with the aliens or have been shot by the bloke on the grassey knoll.

You know the moon landings were fake as well - this was never one small step for mankind.


Reserve Grader
I've seen an interesting theory that says that there were actually explosives already lined up through the Towers.

Surprisingly enough, it's probably the only theory I've heard that I haven't thought straight away 'you idiot'.

This guy has video of the tower collapsing and shows puffs of dust / smoke coming out of set lengths of the Towers before them falling.

Plus eye witnesses reported hearing explosions (with some even comparing it to an explosive implosion sound, if that's a phrase), plus there was also another building that 'collapsed' that seemed to have nothing to do with the Towers (I believe it was called WTC7 or something).

The Wheel

Premium Member
I am suprised they didn't say that Osama has actually being captured and being held in an American jail in Eastern Europe but the Yanks haven't released the info as they want to continue the war on terror - remember Osama hasn't been spotted for 12 months and CIA jails have been found recently.

Now have you heard the one about Big Foot.............


First Grader
When a building is demolished in an implosion, it clearly starts from the bottom up, as if it is collapsing. The WTC towers clearly fell from the top down, they didnt collapse.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
there is actually no such thing as al queda. there was no organisation, just a group of extremists etc.


The passengers could be being held at Area 51 with the aliens or have been shot by the bloke on the grassey knoll.

You know the moon landings were fake as well - this was never one small step for mankind.

the passengers are being held in area 51 inside the studio where the moon landing took place, they are not too worried about it as they get to see elvis concerts most days of the week. and every xmas they get a 2 week vacation on the ufo that crashed at roswell with the aliens on there yearly return trip to mars


WTC 7 was between the 2

No it wasnt, and in fact it was as far away from the towers as any building in the WTC complex..


No official explanation have ever been given for the collapse of WTC 7.

The Fonz

Reserve Grader
Maybe the building was getting old and they thought that they could do an insurance job on it. Maybe they thought no one would notice.


First Grader
WTC 7 collapsed at about 5:20 pm on the 11th. There were diesel tanks located within the building and small spot fires were seen in the building, possibly a result of debris from the South Tower.

"Building 7's tenants included the Secret Service, the Internal Revenue Service, and several financial institutions, including the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC lost numerous case files in the collapse -- files relating to investigations of corporations such as World Com.

Building 7 also housed Mayor Giuliani's Emergency Command Center, a bunker on the 23rd floor with blast-resistant windows and its own air and water supply. The mayor was operating out of temporary quarters at 75 Barkley Street when the towers collapsed. Supposedly, the command center was evacuated before the first tower collapsed, even though no-one -- certainly not the firemen -- had expected any of the buildings to collapse"

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