What a disgrace !!!!! Top of the table match and they put it on 5.30 Saturday??!! SHAME ON YOU CHANNEL 9 !!!! SHAME ON YOU NRL !!!! SHAME ON YOU DAVID GALLOP !!!!! The Sydney public, especially the young kids, are denied seeing Manly play the best team in the Comp on free-to-air. I am so incensed it's not funny.


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Melbourne: The team that nobody watches.


Manly: The team that nobody likes.

However I'm with you. How channel 9 can throw away a possible Sunday afternoon top of the table clash is ridiculous to say the least.
It should be a Fri night game or the Sunday game of the round. I understand how ratings go, especially with a non-Sydney team like Melbourne, but fairgo, we'll never have a truly national comp with this kind of closed-mindedness from the Administrators. And if I have to watch one more Bulldogs game I swear.....such an overrated team.


Shouldn't it be automatic game of the round ? How can it even be questioned ?
If this is the GF will they move it to Monday ?


Yeah pretty stupid.

I'm gutted, I'm working 3 - 7.. the ****ty little shift some of us have to do and it's still going to fark me over.

I'll watch it when I get home.. I hope the boys are up for this.. i think they will be. Let's give it to em and be the first team to get to 20 competition points.

N.B - Brisbane finished 3rd on the table last year with 24 points.. we are already at 18!

Go boys!

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This timing is stupid but it was done weeks ago! I hate the Saturday 5,30 game as it is too hard to get to. If it was 7.30 pm I would be there for sure.


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The Channel 9 selection of matches this year beggars belief. How they did not rate this match in the Top 2 of this weekend rounds when they selected it 4 or 5 weeks is beyond my comprehension.

I will forgive Fox for not selecting it as the 3rd pick as Manly would have then had 2 MNF matches back to back.

Our sponsors must be gutted, they have put their money in to a team that is now, despite all pre season predicitions is now running first. We are playing the team that is coming second in what is clearly the match of the season to date and yet we are given the second worst time slot of the week.

Channel 9 have embarrased themselves all year with the selections of their FNF and Sunday afternoon games.


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Channel 9 don't select their games on the basis of on-field performance or table position.

It is done on the perceived size of their non-pay tv supporter base.

Melbourne don't have the fan base to justify giving this game a prime slot (in Ch 9 minds anyway).

I suspect we will see a more informed approach next year when the Ch 9 CEO isn't pushing the Melbourne AFL barrow.

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