2nd ODI

Journey Man
NZ won the toss and sent Aus into bat.

It seemed like a good call early on by flemming with gilly out off the second ball.

Then Hayden and ponting put on a 99 run partnership. Ponting got his 50 and was runs out just recently. Hayden has 40.

Aussies 2/99 off 16.1
Journey Man
Gee, good to see Hayden doing so poorly again.............

LEt's hope the kiwi animals can keep their bottles in the stands tonight.
First Grader
Went and watched the last five overs on Foxtel in the staff room! Aussies 6 for 313, Hussey hit a six off the last ball!

Should be a good run chase!
Journey Man
Aussies ended up flogging them.

Hayden a beautiful century.

Hussey and Clarke played good at the end both striking 150+

Bowlers spreading the wickets evenly.

Lee 2/28 (8) - very economical

McGrath 2/41 (7.5)

Usually the other way round - little doubt Lee is our second best bowler at the moment in the ODI arena
Staff member
I was in a corporate box CW so wasn't out amongst it.

All seemed to be in good fun with the crowd really. Everyone agrees all the crap after game 1 was bull**** about the crowd,including the Australians.
Journey Man
but was that him personally or the whole team??

From what i know it was Katich who had stuff thrown at him.
Staff member
McGrath was the reason the game was stopped Fluffy. Australian management and ICC match ref Clive Lloyd have said it is a media beat up as well.

Although apparently a security guard did call McGrath a wanker hahaha
Staff member
Volley,do you expect crowds to sit on their hands and keep their mouth shut when oppostion are right in front of them ?

I am sure you do that at Brookvale right :roll:
No need to be smart Kiwi :) , all I know is that Katich would have heard alot in his playing days, and for him to fire up, it must have been worse than he's heard. He then got bottles thrown at him after he took that catch.

I think I also heard Hayden say that the crowd was one of the worst he'd played at, which doesn't mean much to me, because i'm not the biggest fan of Hayden.

I was at the Gabba when all the yobbo's were abusing Murali, and I didn't like it, so don't pull out that Sh!t.
Staff member
The Aussie management have said no problem here,so that is good enough for me.

Players lose their cool unexpectedly sometimes,like Slater in India a few years back.

The Hayden comment holds nothing for me personally,considering his own crowds threw a chicken at Pat Symcox in 97 :D

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