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i agree with the fox boys in thinking 28 points with a bad differential wont cut the mustard for the 8 with the table as it is.we need 3 wins or 2 very big ones to cancel some of the dustings we are likely to cop on the way in.lose to cowgirls and it is game over.
which edition do you want.

a sam harris memorial quill in honour of the great toiler will be on offer tomorrow.

The MM limited edition sold out a month ago to loyal fans.

your garden variety vegas number is almost totally sold out.

the choice is yours my friend but get in quick.
I need one too and quick - I will have the Duck variety that rolls fast along the table but falls off every time a refill comes anywhere near it!
I'll take the hand bags version, hopefully with highlights included of his performance in the Parra game Rd11 :)
the duck edition has been cancelled.he is officially persona non grata at our little pen shop from here on in.

what were the rhinos thinking.a mate of mine from brisbane,"spider' webb ,who played in their side in the early 80s sent back his membership card last night in protest.
I wouldn't mind a Randall pen, if there are any of them. It'd look good on the shelf, useless, but look good nonetheless.
Some models I won't be signing up for:

The Kane Cleal nib. Just when you think your writing is done it drops a gigantic blob of ink all over your work and you have to start again. Then it disappears for 4 weeks.

The Tezza ballpoint. Looks a bit scratched and jaded and runs out after 10 minutes use.

The MM Deluxe. The packaging claims it is the goods but is only useful for drawing circles.

The Sam Harris. You keep thinking it is going to be your favorite pen and it shows a little promise when ink is needed on a contract, then you find it is in someone else's desk.

The Hoppa. You haven't seen it for 4 months but it was good for scratching parts of your anatomy.
The Kingy - Can write longwinded sentences with ease, but runs out of ink almost immediately, suffers from cronic paper cuts and is out classed by a 2b pencil
oh theres also the steppa, which constantly runs from the sentence you are writing only to mess up your next.

The Witt would be a special, writes in heavy angry font and only writes flat onone line.

There is the very limited edition "forward pack Pen" which fails to make a line break so you can only write on the first line of every page
The Dunley would be the exploding pen wouldn't it?

Classic thread. We need to start a Classic Thread area!
Fluffy I think that one was used already to describe another player. The Hoppa special actually works as follows

The Hoppa Special: You start to write a love letter with this bad boy but it ends up as a confession to murder

How about the randall pen.

You go in look at the 24 carrot gold, diamond encrusted pen at a good price. Purchase it and leave the store, only to look later and find you have a $2 cheap ass plastic immitation that has superceeded the original.
The willo pen.

Isnt the smoothest or cleanest when used however write on almost every surface known to man.
The Chad pen is close...but the chad instead always wants to write in the column instead of the page
The Ben Kennedy pen. You stole it from your worst enemy and so far it has continued to work, surprising your friends and annoying your foes.

The Steve Menzies pen. Probably the favorite of your collection and the gold plating just doesn't seem to wear off, even though you have had it for a very long time. It seems to lurk on the edges of your desk and surprises you by always being available when needed.

The Kyle. Imported from NZ it sits uneasily in your hand due to its size. Capable of bowling over some of the tougher tasks, however you are wary of using it due to its blunt nib. Perfect for handling the top of assignments.
The Back Line Pen - 4 pens taped together, useful for 4 straight lines at a time, never changing direction. Depends heavily on the hand directing it which often leads to all 4 pens running off the page.
The Tezza: Has trouble moving sideways but turns even the most simplest of writings into a nerve busting assault on your pride,, the spring keeps popping out the bottom though
Team P W L PD Pts
10 9 1 124 20
10 8 2 81 18
10 7 3 70 16
10 7 3 69 16
11 7 4 59 14
10 6 4 -10 14
11 6 5 107 12
11 6 5 -9 12
10 5 5 -56 12
11 5 5 30 11
10 4 6 15 10
11 5 6 -12 10
11 4 6 -7 9
10 3 7 -103 8
10 2 8 -81 6
10 2 8 -91 6
10 1 9 -186 4
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