2006 - Crusher Factor

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Journey Man
I was wonderring if anyone thinks we have any booming players coming through the ranks Crusher seemed to find on tap at Parramatta?

+Players that have MASSIVE things planned/hoped for them+

Alberts, Witt & Cleal are all fair players in my opinion, but they aint no Lyon, Ryan, Hindmarsh, Tonga etc etc..

Crusher has been at Manly for three years now, and I would LOVE to see our team produce a Benji, Sonny, Sutton, Inglis, Smith (Tim) etc etc...and the list goes on..

Choc I believe potentially could be a superstar, but that had nothing to do with the current management. He was a junior, always destined to play for Manly, and Crusher didn't assist with his rise.

I am very, very concerned that if we don't attain Lyon, Crushers draw card may have dissapeared. I hear Kane Cleal is on a hefty sum to sate Crusher. Could this be reviewed if we see no YOUNG boom players finally coming through?

It's always fantastic to be able to buy 28-29 year old players who are all class. But we need one or two players that aren't just fringe. We need some X-factor. We need a rising superstar in our club that would bring a level of fear to our opposition.

My hands blocking out the sun, and I'm squinting to get a view on the horizon, but it's still flat. Where's that one spec?

What do you guiys think, or do we already have some on board?


Journey Man
I think you will start to see a lot of them coming through from younger grades - parras crop are from 5 years ago.

Our SG ball team did very well last year and our flegg team looks the strngest this year for a long time.

I wouldnt write off Flash Ash just yet - remeber he has only had half a season here with no pre season and a shoulder reconstruction. Wait until halfway through this season - he is the goods, im sure.

Groom is a superstar, and along with Meaney were far and away our best in flegg last year. Meaney is now in PL and training with the first grade squad, i wouldnt be suprised if he is pushing for a run when injuries arise.


First Grader
as people have said many times before these things take time. Crusher brought Lyon to Sydney when he was 15, he was not a superstar immediately.

since Crusher arrived our Ball & Flegg teams have improved out of sight, some of these kids should hopefully be coming through in the next couple of years. Do you think Crusher found his previous juniors and turned them into superstars overnight?


We simply don't have the money or structure in place to be able to atract the best juniors available yet. Maybe in time.


First Grader
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I see no concern to compare manlys recruitment & coaching staff to the likes of parramatta .They may have had some talent on their line ups ,but forgive me if i am wrong ,they havnt taken home the big one since 86 (if memory serves)!
I am not giving u a hard time ryan ,i just love dishing it to those scumbags out west.


Reserve Grader
Patience Ryan, patience!

Things don't happen overnight, I know he has been with us for two years...But how many years was he with Parra before Lyon,Tonga and Ryan came through??

Say he "signed" some guys in 04 at 15/16..They would barely be ready for PL let alone NRL this year.

I once again have faith (why?), give it another two years.


Journey Man
Hmmmm....your probably right fellas....I guess we are actually into our second year of real improvement. Players like Watmough, Orford, Bell, Kite, Kennedy and co. will attract the players we have potentially missed out on in the past.

It still dissapoints me that we don't have a grass roots junior foundation in the schools etc that the clubs out west enjoy...


Crusher is our best signing, remember the day he signed, he threw out our map that had 15 pins in it(ala scouts) and stuck in over 200!!!!

all clubs are looking at 14-15yr olds now, does anyone watch commonwealth bank cup schoolboys, they are all on scholarships

parra and easts also pay big dollars ie mitchell pearce's to come to them, do u think Crusher has 50 grand to give 2 each kid, parra also pays money and strong schools patrician bros etc

look at sg ball, there were 7-8 kids who have loads of potential, harry berryman, jon grieve, groomy, mitch tauelli, offerdahl, harrison, brooke, noxi, all potential talent

in PL we have meaney, cuthbo, travis burns, matty ballin,

at least 10-15 kids under 20 that could go right thru to our 1st grade team and this doesnt include the kids 4 this year that we dont know

Crusher has had 2 years to suss out our previous useless program and instill his own, do u think we had anywhere near the talent before Crusher

I know, I use to watch regular matthews and ball games and 40 point losses were seen as a good effort, sg ball this year scored more points than anyone else

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