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2005 Report Card

Canteen Worker

Well-Known Member
Jul 15, 2004
Out of 10 how do you rate the squad of 2005??

In photo order:

Brent Kite 7/10 Solid and sound
Luke Williamson 7/10 Injury affected! Defence is vital.
Mark Bryant 7/10 Big on effort and has stepped up.
Shane Dunley 7/10 Good performances but erratic and too many penalties.
Ben Kennedy 9/10 Carried pack
Sam Harris 4/10 Disappointing. No loss.
Jason King 2/10 Poor (maybe injured but lacks what it takes at the moment)
Jim Curtis 5/10 Tried hard but not first grade!
Steve Menzies 8/10 Consistent performer but has been jaded since Origin
John Hopoate 0/10 Only played 107 minutes of season. Gorrrn.
Paul Stephenson 6/10 Played well early. Defensive deficiencies exposed. Good metres and has played better on wing.
Kane Cleal 5/10 Too many suspensions - young and may develop
Mark Lennon No rating. Injuries and PL
Anthony Watmough 8/10 till injured.
Kylie Leuluai 5/10 Disappointing season. Inconsistent and suspended too much.
Nathan Hollingsworth PL No rating.
Nathan Tutt 6/10 Works hard but not enough impact.
Chad Randall 5/10 Pedestrian and generally disappointing
Chris Hicks 6.5/10 Started slowly but has played better of late. Nothing like the form of 2004
Sean Meaney Going well in PL. Big wraps on this guy!
Jared Taylor Highly rated by some on MSE but not given a chance in first grade.
Travis Burns Standout in PL but only one brief chance at 5/8 which failed.
Mailangi Styles Developing well in PL
JP Cherry Who???
Clint Halden - Belrose in Jim Beam Cup!
Karl Johnson- Reserve for PL. Good in attack but a turnstile in defence?
Adam Cuthbertson - Rated as a future star.
Brett Stewart 8/10 Continues to develop - top tryscorer and has saved tonnes of points against.
Matt Ballin Injured but highly rated as player of the future.
Glenn Stewart 6/10 Played well when given the opportunity - small but defends well. Injury riddled season.
Michael Witt 6/10 Played well in bursts but lost confidence in defence. Same sort of game as Mona. Worth it for his kicking.
Michael Monaghan 5/10 Started well but fell away mid season. Panics under pressure.
Brad Dempsey - Belrose in Jim Beam Cup.
Adam Luchetti - this star of Ryan's early YARTS returned to the Gong!!
Scott Donald 4/10 - very disappointing year by his standards. Few opportunities and defensively suspect
Daniel Heckenburg 6/10 Played in same consistent fashion when fit. Season marred by injury.
Terry Hill 5/10 - tried hard to lift side but not a patch on what he was. Old legs are too slow
Mitch Creary - Played one game. Acquitted well but nothing flash
Darren Peachey - Fast but often on bench. Not likely to see 1st grade.
Steve Matai 5/10 Solid fill in at best. Rated by some and will be interesting to see if he is here in 2006
Jye Mullane - this much pilloried player has been outstanding in PL but has not enjoyed a call up to NRL despite 5/8 problems
Jeff Robson - Who?
Phil Morwoor - Honest performer but not up to NRL
Aaron Trinder - never heard of him
Ashley Alberts - 6/10 Slow to start and improving. Could be a future star!

Canteen Worker

Well-Known Member
Jul 15, 2004
One thing is for sure. We need to spend to the limit of our secondary salary cap. We can't have players running around in PL who will never ever make the top grade.

They have done well but we really lack depth compared to rival clubs!!


Active Member
Jul 15, 2004
cant disagree with much of the above.

was that kingeys rating or hit up count!


Winging it
Staff member
Jul 15, 2004
I heard the school Principle was so disappointed that he failed the whole class and no-one got a report card. The parents are still signing petitions.

Good analysis CW.

Utility Player

Well-Known Member
Jan 1, 1970
maybe wrong here CW but when Burns was called up didn't he play hooker not 5/8 so can not really say he was a failure at 5/8 (pity he did not get more of a go)


Well-Known Member
Premium Member
Apr 20, 2005
Good Summary CW. I could argue some of the ratings but essentially agree.

Your most telling comment is the lack of players in PL that are up to NRL standard. As much as we (did I say that) complain about King, Randall or MM there really is not a player in PL that stand out as the obvious replacement. Until such time as there is geniune pressure from PL players on the NRL players we will struggle.


Jul 15, 2004
maybe wrong here CW but when Burns was called up didn't he play hooker not 5/8 so can not really say he was a failure at 5/8 (pity he did not get more of a go)
correct played dummy half against the panfers


Well-Known Member
Nov 12, 2004
Yeha, made 19 tackles missed 1

has PL as number 1 in points for.

Is the PL kicker

yet cant get a run at 5/8

The Des has no cattle call only goes so far - proof above


Jul 18, 2004
Can't argue with that CW.

Travis is a must for first grade next year. I don't give a rats where Des plays him but he has a great ATTACKING game..Something our "playmakers" at the moment have never heard of.

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