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What exactly did Tutt and Styles contribute last night? We can't continue playing with little more than 15 players - the workload will hurt us at the back end of the season.

And Dunley continues to be a liability. There was one set at around the 60 minute mark, just before he came off, where he missed three tackles in the set.

Ballin anyone?


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I would like to see Dunley dropped and Manly with a bench of 4 forwards, 3 big guys with G Stewart playing the Willow type role and Monas playing 80 minutes.

If for some reason Monas can not last 80 minutes then have Ballin on the bench.


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Like this Garts?

14. Glenn Stewart
15. Mark Bryant
16. Kylie Leuluai
17. George Rose

That said - I really think Dunley adds impact off the bench Mata. He is pretty explosive off the mark, scores tries, and creates a lot more. I think he has pace, skill, and determination. I do think his agro gets the better of him at times, but it's this aggression that draws me to him as a player. He seems like one of a rare breed at Manly who are willing to back themselves, along with Matai and now Burns. Kite, Willow, Menzies and co. are good guys, and I can tell you as an ex Bearrie, good guy teams don't do well.

Think of Manly in the mid 90's. You mess with one of them, then you are in DEEP trouble !!! If Dunley gets rushed these days (an incident in Nth Qld comes to mind), he is usually swamped by the enemy, and our fellas stand around lost in my opinion, scared they may have to show a bit of nouse.

I really hope Dunley continues as our utility player. That said, I think Willow has to head back to reserve grade for Glenn Stewart. Sorry guys - I'm thinking of impact value.


yeah i like dunley as that off the bench option,

willow im soerry to say, i agree with Ryan, is being surpassed buy G Stewart, just gives us way better attacking options, did you notice how Glenn stood out of scrums out wide looking for offloads


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He has the ability to sidestep, jink, dummy, and score tries (not only from dummy 1/2.) I feel bad for Willow, he's a real clubman. I just kept hoping on Saturday, every time Willow got the ball that he make an impact. It just looked as though he's in slow motion.


Dunley's main weaknesses are that he can't tackle, can't kick and can't pass. Gives a few penalties away as well. He's quick and always gives 100% though.

Glenn Stewart has got to get a run from here on in. He was top notch yesterday as everyone has mentioned.


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Some comments on the issues raised;

1. Tutt came on with 20 to go just after they scored their second try and were starting to get momentum. He tightened the defense up. Similar role to how Des has used Willo so far. I'm not convinced of its effectiveness but it is a set strategy to aid the defence at the back end with fresh legs.

2. When was the last time Dunley scored a try Ryan? I don't think that is one of his strengths.

3. With Beaver and BK not playing and with raw and less than mobile props, Williamson played a massive role in defence on Sat night. He did a lot of covering. I agree that his running can leave a bit to be desired.

4. Ballin plays solidly in Premier League but I think he would find it a massive step up to Firsts. I hope he gets a shot later in the season and we'll never know if he can hadle it until he gets a go. If he has to wait a bit longer for his chance I have no problem with it. If he gets the dirts and wants to leave for an opportunity elsewhere that's up to him. It is the coach and managements job to be in his ear and keep him keen. With the injuries he had last year I don't think he's been waiting too long yet for his chance.

5. Dunley is a frustration. His speed and competitiveness does help us at times but he then counter acts it with missed tackles or a dumb penalty.


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Styles had enough energy to do hand stands at the end so he fonished with energy which isn't what I'd be wanting. Their tries were soft, running through our entire squad is the worry.

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