1st Manly FC supporter meeting

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First Grader
People who attended where.
15th nov 2006 6pm - 7pm

Alan Webster (MRLFC Admnin)
Aaron Markie (MRLFC Admnin - website)

Blake (a 20 something year old who isn't attached to any of the other supporter groups)
Kylie (I think Blakes GF)

It was a worthwhile meeting. We emphasized how important it is for this idea to be done professionally, to lure a broader base of supporter. Alan was in agreeing of this view.

Things like Large banners, maybe shirts. Songs/chants to create noise, will be implemented.

The club also needs a huge travelling supporter base willing to make a huge noise and be seen In a couple of locations.

I was glad to see someone like Blake there whom was a new face. As it is supremely important to get such people involved.

Looks like such a supporter group will accommodate the people that stand on the Hill and also attempt to build up a following in a stand (southern or Jane try) to accommodate a broader base.

I'm confident this will work.
Glad it went well.

Glad the aim is to promote it from within the club ie not putting a divide between different people based on percieved power etc.

As many know me and my friends tend to like to make a little noise and having spent a couple of seasons sitting with the spirit die hards learning the songs etc know what effect you can get from a large group. 6,000 at a spirit game outshines 18,000 at brookie, sad but true.

There are many english soccer style chants that can be adapted to the footy - one we already have is the here we go chant, not to be used too often but great when we get a set of six starting in the oppositions half.
Dan spoke much of the same thing Fluffy. Alan knows someone that organises the cove.

Mata the name wasn't discussed at any length. Alan didn't have time to read any emails. As he's busy sorting out memberships etc.

They are busy as a few admin staff are on holidays.
Fluffy that is a point I raised, however clearly this meeting was not a meeting to show and flood them with ideas, just a few things then see if it can get off the ground.

There was one suggestion that I came up with which was a code of conduct both for the acceptance of people and the behaviour of those involved. I think this is vital.

Also as for name. I suggested this was something the club should pick without suggestion from the fans and that the club will have to completely drive everything to get it off the ground initially. I have a feeling they already have a name though I am quite partial to "The Squadron" myself.

sounds good.

Yeah i wasnt expecting that to be discussed, was just using a few examples of what can be achieved.

I like the idea based on what a few thousand achieved at the spirit games. To reach a decent level will not be as hard as Mata has described but his model will return a lot more than just brookie noise in the long run. It all depends on what the aim is overall.

Starting at the basics a few songs on the website with lyrics and a downloadable example so you can get the tune would be good. Also having an A4 handout at the game for those that want to join in works (its how we started)

Obviously im keen to be involved and realistically speaking im probably a good person to have involved as i am loud and get to more than half the games each year. Had i not been stuck at work until after 6 last night i would have made the trip across.
Also I was very adamant that this have nothing to do with online beyond a communication platform
Very true, also many supporters dont give a toss about the internet. But are very keen to have a good time at the footy. So if promoted well enough at the ground we could generate a large following.
I take umbridge to a certain other post on another site as well.

Essentially most talking was done by Alan, Byron and myself
Well then Fluftser - I'm keen as mustard to get down to Brookie, have a few cups with ya, and scream the ol' lungs out.

Good idea Dan about code of conduct and acceptance. Freaks like Jatz Crackers may get a run in a group for the first time in his miserable life;). There may even be a one or two living organisms he may be more intelligent than as well. The chewing gum stuffed under the bench chairs that is ! Hehehe..
Sil;vertails for mine Byso.
But hey, I'm happy with the Squadron.

You can just see the shirts. Lonely Bulldog sitting in a yard, and flying in England's renowned "Spitfire position", a group of Eagles honing in on the horizon....

Team P W L PD Pts
10 9 1 124 20
10 8 2 81 18
10 7 3 70 16
10 7 3 69 16
11 7 4 59 14
10 6 4 -10 14
11 6 5 107 12
11 6 5 -9 12
10 5 5 -56 12
11 5 5 30 11
10 4 6 15 10
11 5 6 -12 10
11 4 6 -7 9
10 3 7 -103 8
10 2 8 -81 6
10 2 8 -91 6
10 1 9 -186 4
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