'07 team v '96 team - player breakdown and analysis

'07 team v '96 team - player breakdown and analysis

Hey guys. Well I've been thinking whether we have the team to go all the way this year. So I decided to compare it to our previous Grand Final team from 1996 to see if we have what it takes. Here were the results:

FULLBACK : ('96) Ridge v ('07) Stewart. Ridge was one of the most clever players going around - he had a real football brain. Not to mention that he did practically everything: scored tries, saved tries, set up tries, general kicking and kicked goals. Stewart is a better pure try-scorer, and will only get better with age. EDGE: '96, but Stewy will get better.
WINGS : ('96) Hoppa, D Moore, C Hancock v ('07) Robbo, Hicks. Hoppa in his day was the most intimidating winger going around. Moore was very underrated, and always sound. Hancock was very solid. Hicks and Robbo are just solid. EDGE: '96
CENTERS : ('96) Tezza and C Innes v ('07) Bell, Lyon and Matai. Tezza was the best center in his day, and Innes was unbelievably good too - never got the recognition he deserved. These two were outstanding in attack and even better in defence. Bell and Lyon form the best center combo in the Comp today, 'niff said. EDGE : I'll call this one even.
HALVES : ('96) Cliffy and Tooves v ('07) Burns/Lyon and Ox. Cliffy was the most creative player of his time; no one could set up a try like him. Tooves was all heart. He bled the Manly maroon and was Captain. Burns is still unproven. Lyon could be great. Ox is great and has great ticker. EDGE : '96
BACK ROW : ('96) Beaver, Kosef and Gartner v ('07) Beaver, Stewy2 and Willo. The '96 backrow was amongst the greatest of all time - flawless. No argument about this one. EDGE: '96, no contest.
[FRONT ROW:('96) Spud Carroll, Cement Gillespie, and Jim Serdaris v ('07) Kite, King and Monas.
Spud and Cement were the most destructive front row of the mid '90s. They ran hard and hit even harder. Kite is world class. King isn't. EDGE : '96 easily.
BENCH: ('97) Tierney, Hasler, Hancock and Cunningham v ('07) Rose, Bryant, Ballin and Hall. The '96 guys would have started on most teams. The same can't be said for the '07 bench.
EDGE: '96

Well, as you can see the '96 team wins hands down. What does this tell us? The '96 team was unbelievable and rarely lost. It's a tough comparison for the '07 team. It also shows that whilst the '07 team has some great players, we are also lacking in key areas.


'07 team v '96 team - player breakdown and analysis

The "pepsi's" of 96 is the best Manly team I have ever seen, and most likely in the day of the salary cap the best we will ever see.

No Week Links, the least rated players had played State Of Origen!

A typical Bobby Fulton team, Backs as big as forwards , Hoppa,Tezza etc and Forwards as fart and skillfull as backs, ie Beaver/Kosef etc.


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'07 team v '96 team - player breakdown and analysis

Can you imagine a modern day mix of the two? Damn that would be an unbeatable team.

1. Snake
2. Hoppa
3. Tezza
4. Killer
5. Robbo
6. Cliffy
7. Ox
8. Spud
9. Toovs
10. Kite
11. Kosef
12. Watmough
13. Beaver

13. Hasler
14. Cement
16. Gartener
17. Serdaris
'07 team v '96 team - player breakdown and analysis

I agree Jungle King. Forwards as fast as backs and backs as big as forwards - spot on. I think the big difference between the 2 teams is the backrow and bench. This is where we are weakest in comparison.

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'07 team v '96 team - player breakdown and analysis

In those days we had real props and different tackle/ruck rules before the days when all forwards had similar body shape - and workman like players (like Willo) were sacrificed for flair and creativity.
'07 team v '96 team - player breakdown and analysis

The game is too coached these days. Back then Manly had the most creative team going around, and other teams like the Raiders and the Broncos were fun to watch coz they threw it around. Nows it's all about metres and dummy half running, etc. It's a real shame.

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