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Recent content by Tim

  1. Tim

    Walker cleared to play.

    Not at all He has been found not guilty in a COURT OF LAW no ifs buts or maybes
  2. Tim

    Ref last night

    Did anyone else see Cummins laughing and talking to Brisbane after our first try. When Brisbane scored he said nothing and was cold to us am i being paranoid or what ????
  3. Tim

    Where is everyone sitting Suncorp

    The night was not a total loss the boys put in and showed the true manly spirit Fainu needs to get his fitness up he was blowing will before the other boys and left the hole that Boyd scored. Its wasn't our night cant falut the boys the heart was there just not the cattle.
  4. Tim

    Where is everyone sitting Suncorp

    We are MANLY wherever we are we will bring the boys home
  5. Tim

    Where is everyone sitting Suncorp

    Im in 331 row 18 seat 9 Go you mighty Sea eagles We will win and win well
  6. Tim

    Are Cherry Evans TT and Fainu best fullback half hooker combo in comp ?

    As a MANLY fan till I die YES... YES and YES good things are coming my manly mates
  7. Tim

    Des Hasler!

    My feathered friends the past is the past leave it there lets support the future we are MANLY and will be forever
  8. Tim

    Croker today has delivered

    One game does not make a career lest be happy and see where he goes if Egley was there the result would of been different conference is a beast lets hope he runs with it
  9. Tim

    Des Hasler!

    Des is back hail the king we are back in good hands now the players are focused Donny has the boys fit Brett is back on board we are back my feathered friends 6th baby yeah
  10. Tim

    AFB Returns

    We had a dry track today we are a good team have faith we have played in terrible conditions the last 2 weeks we have a good squad Go Manly
  11. Tim

    New Signing Announcement

    Funniest thing I've read all day
  12. Tim

    Elgey a Huge KEY to 2019

    We need him to have a nice short kicking game delivering repeat sets just like Green did. His injuries worry me!!!
  13. Tim

    Support staff

    3 days after the g/f the poo hit the fan. Im trying to forgive but it is hard
  14. Tim

    Support staff

    Des likes to do everything so cartwrong wont have much to do maybe move him into a recruitment role make him work if he wants to stay
  15. Tim

    Taupau on the move ??

    We just need players who want to wear our Jersey who are proud of our great club piss off if you can't or dont agree
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