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Recent content by stevekh

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    Breaking News: Corruption Exposed at NRL HQ

    Did anyone else see DCE taken out of the defensive line by a Souths attacker without the ball, which opened up the Gap which Cam Williams ran thru to score the winning try. I cannot believe no one has even mentioned it. How many bull**** obstruction calls did we put up with this year which cost...
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    Genuine Thoughts about Hasler 12 months on

    It took 10 years of rebuilding to get Manly back to where we were, mid 90's and Des played a big part in that. It took him a couple of months to try to destroy Manly and put us back into the dark ages. I do not care why he did it and which board member offended him. I do care that he cost...
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    The Manly trainer from the 90's, Duncan Kerr is running in the Frenchs Forest area, and I'm sure he would certainly be pro Manly.
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    Des Hasler - Thanks for the memories :)

    To the loved & respected player & coach of the great Manly Club, I am as gutted as I was when Bozo signed with the Roosters, but can only thank you for the amazing memories you have left us. Cheers
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    PETITION: Support Brett Stewart

    Steve KH
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    Next week - all back on deck

    Burns would make a great lock. He plays very similar to another great Manly lock forward by the name of Ian Martin and look how many premierships he helped Manly win in the seventies with his great defence. This would allow Monahan and Orford to build an awsome halves combination for Manly and...
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    Well done Des

    Its time Dessie finally decides who he wants in the team and sticks with it. These are not trial games and we are starting to fall too far behind. Menzies in the centres tonight had to be one of the worst positional changes Dessie has made. Why weaken a key position to bolster another? We need...
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