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Recent content by jjai

  1. J

    2016 Last Fan Standing Comp

    Hello .just enquiring Is this comp only for ppl who are in the tipping comp????
  2. J

    Premium Membership

    Lol @ NEW..
  3. J

    Premium Membership

    Where do you pay ... whats the payment method?? Its been awhile
  4. J

    Newbie back on the Forum

    Welcome back i haven't been on in ages myself.
  5. J

    despised favourites

    Could it be in 2011 when Warriors rolled them in the finals??? ..
  6. J

    Silvertails Player of the Year

    Lawrence is going great guns , he should be second behind Watmough .. How strong are his runs .. best off season purchase by Toovey thus far . (Horo & Symonds are pretty handy also)But Lawrence is the most consistent outof the 3 ..
  7. J

    Att: Mr Invisible

    LOL karma`s a bitch hey Mr I...:P
  8. J

    Football Club Membership

    Hey Vid Happy new year all the best long time no see lol.. just wondering if you can email me the football club application form again, don`t know if you still have my address but it`s in my profile anyway . If you can`t find it just pm me i will pm it back..
  9. J

    Our pack is key

    Exactly Kev, thats my opinion as well... We have the muscle if we use it wisely , our forwards need to employ controlled aggression up front not the lunacy that happend in that 1st finals match against the dogs.. All the hard work done by them was taken away by sudden brain explosions...
  10. J

    Congrats to Bones

    `Onya BONES`.. a lot of piss must have been downed in that 50 .. :P
  11. J

    Mitchell Pearce

    I know what you mean he is piss poor i dnt knw if the BLUES can carry him in the 3rd SOO like they did in the 2nd game, it`s very hard to play a man down at that level for 2games in a row (but thats how i see the blues with Pearce in the side - a team with 12 men playing QLD)
  12. J

    Brett stewart

    No But if he had them 2yrs back & fully fit ppl wouldnt even be mentioning Slater & him in the same sentence Brett was the incumbent test fullback Nsw fullback he was on top of the world till that bitch f**ked him up..[hr] Correct Haz, take slater out of the game for 2yrs & see how well he...
  13. J

    If there were no salary cap

    Exactly .... :) well said DUFF
  14. J

    Brett stewart

    Lol Slater is better, Brett had 2yrs out of the game basically you can say 2009 2010 weren`t even seasons for him & yet he still averages more tries for games played then slater ever can.. it`s almost like a LOTTi (that statement)
  15. J


    Lmfao @ the victor meldrew screen name .. just waiting for a Gordon Brittas or a Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced bouquet) to make their appearance as well.. :D
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