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Recent content by ConcernedSupporter

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    The prince of brookvales next post try celebration

    Can someone from the crowd hand him a copy of Rebecca Wilson's recent article and a lighter??
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    Manly v Raiders GAMEDAY CHAT

    Hmm wonder what the Raiders faithful will vandalise in protest to this loss??
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    Manly v Raiders GAMEDAY CHAT

    Nothing like 3 tries to clear out the cobwebs
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    Noticed this in the past few weeks

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    Banner ideas for Sunday?

    LOL Love it!!
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    How can the boys do it??

    I think what he's having might show up in a drug test.
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    I know he's suspended but when's Matai back on deck?
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    This is for the Realist - Our season

    Man, round 1 against Melbourne in Melbourne who spent last year not playing for points. It was always going to be a rough game. I saw some great stuff on Saturday night (the main thing being players who seemed fit and held out a full strength Melbourne side for a long time). It's going to take...
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    Good Fitness

    Anyone else think the boys look a lot fitter this season than they have in the past few years? Rose has slimmed down since the All Stars game. Snake doesn't seem to have lost much in the way of pace or timing from what he showed the other night. Also, I nearly didn't recognise Jason King! He...
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    TV Poll/ One HD

    64.9% - keep voting
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    TV Poll/ One HD

    Forgot to mention Gallop is on their program later on and they will be showing him the results.
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    I got bashed

    Sorry to hear, but, sadly that's Newcastle for you. I grew up there and if you've got an I.Q above 25 and can string more than 2 words together you really can't fit in. Hope you're ok.
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    TV Poll/ One HD

    Hi Guys The new NRL show on One is conducting a poll on whether or not the NRL should apologise to Brett http://onehd.com.au/the-game-plan-nrl.htm
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    Caption this #6

    "You're not dating that same 'bitch' as Monnas?"
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