Zimbabwee label Australia 'Racist'

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Zimbabwee label Australia 'Racist'

THE Zimbabwean Government today denounced as "desperate" and "racist" Australia's decision to ban its national cricket team's tour of Harare over the country's political and economic crisis.

“The Australians are mixing politics with sport and the decision shows how desperate the Howard Government is to isolate Zimbabwe,” junior information minister Bright Matonga said.

“Australia is one of the worst human rights violators in this whole world.

"Look what they have done to the Aborigines and yet they have the audacity to stand up and claim to have the moral authority to condemn us.

“This is also a racist ploy to kill our local cricket since our cricket team is now dominated by black players as we slowly transform cricket from being an elite sport.

"But still we will not lose anything because cricket is not a major sport here.”

The Australian Government has banned its national cricket team's tour of Zimbabwe, saying it would provide an enormous propaganda boost for the “grubby dictator” Robert Mugabe.

Amid mounting pressure to act over the deteriorating situation in the strife-torn southern African nation, Prime Minister John Howard said his Government had taken the decision out of Cricket Australia's hands not to tour in September.

Mr Howard said it was not fair to leave a foreign policy decision of this magnitude with sportsmen, and it was only right for his Government to accept the responsibility.

This is not the first time a cricket match tour has been cancelled.

New Zealand cancelled a tour of Zimbabwe in December 2005.

Zimbabwe has come into the international spotlight over its deteriorating political situation after security forces two months ago beat up opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and thwarted a planned prayer rally in the capital.
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Zimbabwee label Australia 'Racist'

What else would you expect and evil regime to say.

We have our problems here in some areas but I know where I would rather live.
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Zimbabwee label Australia 'Racist'

I have just about always taken the sportsperson's side when it comes to political interference in competition. In some ways Howard and his bunch are just so far back to enlightened thinking (and I hope I don't have to go to the trouble of attempting to justify that with you lot) that this stance may be hypocritical. Despite that it is the right choice for mine and kudos for taking this action.
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Zimbabwee label Australia 'Racist'

Mr Matonga is not very bright. He would be a Mugabe puppett, safely ensconsed in a Highfields mansion and whisked to work each day in a tinted window Mercedes so he doesn't have to be confronted with the sight of his starving countrymen.

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