You think she would have held off a week


Just wondering if anyone caught Rebecca Wilsons lame swipe at Fatty and Sterlo in her column in yesterdays Telegraph.
She basically just pointed out how much the ratings improved without the two on the show on Thursday.
Whether you like the two or not, you would have thought considering Sterling's father had passed on and Fatty was obviously fairly crook she would have let it be for the week.
I notice her appearance on the show did nothing much to lift the ratings so how does the old saying go...
"people in glass houses"
I noticed she made a half arsed attempt at apologizing to the Poms after she carried on like a two bob watch the week before pro-claiming our invincibility on the cricket field.
Pull your head in Rebecca you're whining is getting boring (just like your fat arse).

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Oouch PJ that is a fair old spray. I must say when I read that I thought it was below the belt - one bloke in hospital and the others father passing away. She keeps her job by writing controversial articles - a bit of gutter journalism.


There are plenty more where they came from vegas!
I suppose female journos have to use all the advantage they can get although I guessing with Rebecca unless there is alcohol involved it wouldn't be that great an advantage (unless you like big arses)


Glad you share my sentiments CW- so how did the light blue and whites goes this weekend, better than the previous??

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No games this week PJ - GPS v CHS. Haven't got the paper today so can't check the result though a SJC laden side flogged CAS by 40 last Wednesday.


Go the Joeys boys!
I remember when Ben Kennedy was a long haired breakaway for the GPS side- there's a great bit of footage of him snapping the CAS 5/8 in two. I think Craig Wing was playing 5/8 in the same GPS team.


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i'm so happy to hear that other people hate that fat arsed mole as much as i!!!! she is a petty bitch, i wish fatty and sterlo would come out and say something about her for once, i guess they simpoly have to much class. DO US ALL A FAVOUR WILSON, TAKE YOUR HORSE AND CART, AND PISS OF BACK TO WHATEVER SWAMP YOU CRAWLED OUT OF!


Here, here. I suppose as long as she keeps coming out with the drivel she does the Telegraph will keep her employed to do such things. Atleast we won't have to put up with her head on TV again hopefully. Surely the TV executives have learnt their lesson!


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Who was it that she was snogging in an alleyway the week she appeared on the Footy Show?

Some gossip columnist at the Herald was going on about her playing tonsil tennis with a 'senior married TV Exec".

Staggers me as to why only the female of the partnership gets named.

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