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I have only been watching score updates - looks like a great win. Who ere the stars for Manly?? A match report would be great


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All played well.

Ballin MOM

Monas not far behind imo

Glenn Stewart did a ton of work in attack and defence

Kite was his usual self, he really is becoming one of the top 3 props in the game. King was also solid.

A great team effort really. We should have put them away but I guess the weather was a factor. Very happy to get away without a few star players.

And Watmough made me $260 when I put $10 on him for first try. He also worked hard.


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Didn't think we'd get to see it for a while there. Fox sports satellite dropped out during the storm right before the game started.


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I should mention the Tigers were terrible, poor handling and poor options. We played adapted to the conditions much better and never really looked like losing. Probably should have scored 3 more tries though.


Not a bad player for Manly.

The weather conditions certainly helped us and slowed the tiggers down and made them drop the ball a lot.

Ballin great and Monnas good. Still not convinced with hall as a looks like a lumbering log.

Jatz Crackers

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Pretty special to score a try and a 40/20(at cruciual time mind you) on DEBUT. Congratulations Matt.

What was the deal with Halden. Was he intercghanged in the last minute of the game ?????????????

The Wheel
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Ballin and Monas both playing well - over to you matabele for your thoughts. Has Ballin done enough to stay in 1st grade


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You had to feel sorry for the Tigers cheerleaders.The weather was fine till about 5:15 then when came out to do their dance routine,it just bucketed down,and they got totally drenched.
Normally i sit in the concourse area,but i was so glad i managed to get a seat in the granstand for this game.
I personally thought our man of the match was Glen Stewart.I have never really thought of him as a first grade player,but he really stepped up tonight,every time he got the got he looked like Martin Lang...a hundred miles an hour,non stop.
Our ball handling was excellent tonight,a vast contrast from previous years,which in the conditions,was so good to see.


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I thought Glenn Stewart or Ballin could have been mom. terrible conditions but the eagles held the ball, tigers didn't. No pressure, or when they tried to exert some, it was easily repulsed. Their only try was a weird thing. Farrah just strolled through. We seemed to not be real interested. What happened? Hodgo played terrible as did Marshall. Everybody seems to have worked him out. An excellent result. If Dessy puts Dunley anywhere near first grade he needs horsewhipping. PL was disappointing.


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i never thought we were going to lose, and we didn't really get out of second gear................and thats good news

Tigers were ratsh*t though


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Both games so far have been horrible weather so we can't expect a 100% game yet. It'll be a better indication of how good our new team after our first dry weather game.


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we are now wet weather specialists - well good anyway, 2 years ago we were ****e - cudos to des on that.

our two starting bookends were very solid tonight, they were the cause of many a dropped ball from the tiges by putting the fear into them. backed up well by watmough and suprisingly willo looked to be hiting very hard.

Monas and burns forms a good como, especialy considering they have had nil game time together in those positions, ballin showed us we were right.

conditions were piss poor and we played the better footy and kept to our plan.

i disagree with DSM5 in that halfasanga was fantastic in PL. He had 3 line breaks in the second half and made 3 or 4 huge tackles a couple dislodging the ball, add to that he played 80 minutes. He will be in first grade this year its just a matter of when.


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I wasn't referring to any individual player in PL, but having seen them in action the week before against Wests, compared to yesterday, the drop in intensity was disappointing. Could it all be put down to the absence of Ballin and Halden? I thought when we got ahead on the score it seemed to me we could run away with the game. However the intensity drop off was visible and so the disappointment in the final result. That's all.


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dont forget the 6 straight penalties and 10 in the bin to get the tigers home, that ref made archer look biased towards us

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