You are accountable Des Hasler.

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I turned up at Parra Stadium today hoping to witness my team fight to the death this afternoon. All I wanted from them was an effort worthy of finals football and to be in it with 20 min to go. Instead I witnessed the worst half of football by any team I've ever sean in my 15 years or so of seriously follwoing rugby leage and Manly. It was nothing short of a disgrace, worthy of a Jersey Flegg team. Des, you did not have this team mentally or physically ready to play today, and for this I give you the majority of the blame. I fully understand we don't have the talent of the Eels team - I'm well aware there is no Tahu, Grothe or Riddell going around for us. But that is simply no excuse for the pathetic fist 40 minutes I saw, which completely degraded the once-proud Manly jersey. Tackling was non-existent, the kicking game was a joke, and we didn't even have ONE attacking set-play. The Parra fans around me were laughing every time the Eels scored. They actually were taking pity on us. Now I did not see the great players of the 70s, saw a little of our great '87 team, but I saw a lot of our superb '90s team, and there is no way Spud, Ridge, Innes, Toovey or Kosef would have taken this lying down like we did today. My most stinging criticism is for these players and Des:
1. Monas - he's meant to be a leader but why didn't I see him rallying the boys? I screamed at them more than he did. His kicking, catching and passing game was a joke today. This is why we had to get Orford. I've been a fan of him for most of the season, but can't defend him anymore.
2. King - 1 hitup for 8 metres. I do not ever want to see this guy in the Manly 1st grade jersey EVER again. This is not personal, he is simply useless.
3. Matai - do we actaully have defensive coaches? Tackling one-on-one was terrible.
4. Tezza - he talked the talk this weak, but couldn't walk the walk. Simply adds nothing to the team. I loved him over he years, but should have never been playing.
5. Witt - obviously not up to first grade standard. Kicking game was useless, did NOTHING today.
6. Choc - why did it take him 40 minutes to get going? He's got to get his head out of the clouds. 2nd half display was too late.
7. Des - this was largely his fault. He drops Witt for most of 6 weeks, but then brings him back for the most important game of the year. He lets Tezza play, when he is quite obviously the worst outside back in the NRL. He actually has King in his squad over Bryant. He has no set plans. He couldn't fire them up. How does he explain the change in the team's performance over the last 2 months? Give yourself an uppercut, Dessie. You are directly accountable.
You might think I'm being too harsh, but I was embarrassed today. I will ALWAYS support Manly, but not the players who don't even put in an effort. All I can say is thank heavens we have Orford and Bell coming or it would be a long offseason.


I have to agree with you that our first half effort was a repeat of the Cronulla game. We only got going in the second half because Parra took their foot off the accelerator.

The commentators were saying that it was nothing more than a training session for Parra in the first half. It was nothing more than a disgrace and confirms that we have too many reserve graders playing at the moment.

Monaghan, Witt, King etc are simply not up to the standard of the other top teams and should be sacked immediately now that the season has ended. We have no direction or set plays in attack and our defence would struggle to keep Parra's Premier League team out. Dessie needs better support staff including a defence coach.

It is no good having orford and Bell next year if we have a front row that couldn't break wind let alone a tackle. Why wasn't Bryant playing today? Probably because Dessie didn't want him showing up how bad the other front rowers are.


First Grader
Agree on most points although I thought Choc was impressive from the start of the match. Easily our best player!!!


Reserve Grader
i completely disagree. Dessie has taken us from the bottom of the table and got the boys to play some great footy earlier in the season. However as the season went on you all were certain that we would get a top 4 finish, so you made ur aim to be top 4. We were tipped to get the wooden spoon, but we didnt, we made the eight and more than anyone expected so just think bout that.
JohnB32 you're missing the point. All I wanted them to do this year was make the 8. And we did. But that doesn't mean our perfomances over the last 2 months were excusable. They didn't put in for the first 40 minutes today, just like against the Sharks. Just because we don't have the talent of the other teams doesn't mean we should not show up for games. No one was playing to their potential, that was my problem with it all.


First Grader
Totally agree Crusher. Dessie is responsible. TOTALLY.

As if you'd bring F-Witt into a big game like this.

Dessie Rack off.

John B, we were tipped to come last what. Its his job to give us a competitive team. He promised us this. We were only 4 loses from coming last. We were the WORST team in the comp over the last 12 weeks. As far as i'm concerned we didn't improve, just lucky.....very lucky!


Reserve Grader
That was prefectly put Crusher.All we really wanted was Manly to put in a fighting effort akin to the Sharks on saturday night.We were let down again with ineptness from certain imposter's running around in the Mighty Manly jersey.They dont need to be named because we all know who they are.Bring on 2006 Manly Forever.


Winging it
Amen Crusher. The Eagle supporters came in their droves to be there for the team and that inept performance was an embarrasment.

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