YART week ending 27/03/2005

Journey Man
Well from accounts, Hicks has come up to scratch, and Hill may be getting those MRI's for security sake only. Therefore:-

1. Brett Stewart
2. Scott Donald
3. Terry Hill
4. Paul Stephenson
5. Chris Hicks
6. Michael Witt
7. Michael Monaghan
8. Brent Kite
9. Chad Randall (Pffft)
10. Daniel Heckenberg
11. Steve Menzies
12. Anthony Watmough
13. Ben Kennedy

14. Sam Harris
15. Shayne Dunley
16. Luke Williamson
17. Kylie Leuleuai

Injured players to come back:-

Glenn Stewart (at possibly Harris expense) 2 more weeks
Jason King (at Chad Randalls expense) 3 more weeks

A pretty rounded team. Hicks on the wing is not going backwards in my opinion with Hoppa out.

I would also like to see Steppa be more dominant.
wow would be awesome if Hicks made it back, having said that id be happy to rest him for one more week if hes 50-50 especially with the bye the following week and make sure hes fit for the rest of the year....

what about Hicks to centres and Creary on the wing ???? leaving out steppa ? im not convinced about him yet although his efforts especially in defence was a great improvement on the weekend.
Journey Man
Steppa played fine for mine and needs experience to improve - he is not going to get better sitting on the sidelines or playing PL.

Give him a good chance - if he isnt playing well when alberts gets fit then there will be a swap
First Grader
Steppa has improved but I still worry that he is a jersey grabber. Needs to hit hard with his shoulders. Melbourne will be a big test for him as Orford gets those backs hard and straight.
Reserve Grader
You guys are way to harsh on Steppa. He played a centre that was recognised as possibly the best in the game a few years back and Steppa defended all over him. His attack is a little weaker but he just isn't running onto the ball as much. Vagana scored a try but that was when Steppa had swapped to the other wing when Hoppa went.

Stephenson has improved a lot, and his defense has been excellent. Why drop a 20 year old and pick a 30 year old with less ability. !doh: !doh: !doh: !doh:

Hicks won't be back for a couple, so IMO give Johnson or Taylor a shot on the other wing, lets just hope Hill is fit.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Comp 2021
I agree blunty Steppa has bulked up and he has played very well in the last few matches and the trials.

Steppa should stay there and creary should get a run if not Taylor
Journey Man
I don't want him to become the player that turns up, does the job, and plays next week. He HAS to have the attitude of standing out for some reason. To excel above the others. He played reps in the juniors. Reps should be his target.

He needs to stand up & be counted. The same as OTHER workers we have in the team that need to take the next step.

You'll notice most of The Roosters / Dogs & co. have predominantly players that stand out for one reason or another, and not too many just workers.


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
the same can be said about us Ryan.

Who are just the workers out of the top 17.

I can name 1 and I can also name easily 1 off the top of my head at the dogs


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
yes but he is good in doing the work.

Ryan is implying a player who just turns up and does a job without anything special.

Hecks works and works hard, and that in its self is special.

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