Would you be unhappy to see The Bunker scraped?

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Are we better off without The Bunker?

  • Yes

    Votes: 33 63.5%
  • No

    Votes: 19 36.5%

  • Total voters

The Who

Journey Man
It feels like I've been advocating for its removal for the past decade. I believe it has harmed the sport as a spectacle, and hasn't made the game any fairer. In fact, I believe it is just another layer that can be compromised by corruption. This morning on my walk from the beach I overheard two groups discussing Bunker decisions. It seems, by rorting Easts, that the Bunker has overstepped its usefulness one time too many.
So, is it time to move forward by revisiting the past, and placing all decisions in the hands of on-field officials?

The Wheel

Premium Member
Well it has taken the old shocker decisions and replaced them with new type of shocker decisions. I am not sure whether I am prepared to go back to the old ones tbh. Surely some of these new shockers can be minimised with some common sense? Although common sense isn’t very common when it comes to NRL


First Grader
Referees should be allowed to referee, every major decision is outsourced to the bunker and they still get so many things wrong.

Common sense needs to come into play with obstruction rulings. These clowns are now altering games with decisions that bewilder the bulk of us.

I would also like to see referees deal with players who assimilate, the diving that we saw from the Moretti the other day belongs to Serie A rather than the NRL.


Journey Man
Tipping Member
The Bunker has made some good decisions as well as some bad ones
The Resf have made some good decisions as well as some bad ones
We all have made some good decisions as well as some bad ones
Human stuff ups is unintentional in the way we perceive things at the time
And We all stuff up from time to time


Premium Member
I don’t get to watch much of the UK comp nowadays but just out of interest does anyone know how their bunker goes. Is it as bad or is it just the useless vidiots here that are rubbish?


First Grader
Premium Member
It's not the bunker as much as the rules
I have actually heard bunker say " he wouldn't have got there" and award tries
Now it's simply black n white and I can wear it if does not change AGAIN 🤬
Also a 1 minute time limit, if not defined go with refs on field ruling - these 2-3 minute stoppages several times a game destroy a games momentum

Dion Johnson

Premium Member
Tipping Member
I like the captains challenge rule, you need the bunker for that..

The common sense needs to come back into the rulings, the black and white will cause greater issues as we are seeing.

The players will make the NRL authorities look silly over the coming weeks, that no try to Manu last night with the bunker disallowing the try was a disgrace.


I think the bunker should stay - so at a minimum, the absolute howler of a decision gets eliminated.

But I feel like they should have to watch replays at normal speed at least for knock-on type and try scoring decisions.

For example, the try that Haumole got taken off v Roosters should be watched at normal speed.


Journey Man
Tipping Member
Now it's simply black n white and I can wear it if does not change AGAIN 🤬
Time for the NRL to finally get serious feathered friend !

The Black and White Bunker should be replaced with the Black and White Minstrel Show



Journey Man
Tipping Member
When coaches and Players eliminate their errors
So will the refs
It has been what it has been
It is what it is


There is no A.I. Just better computers
Only captains should be allowed to refer a decision.
Get two wrong and you are out of reviews.

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