Would everyone be happy with Timmins?

Jatz Crackers

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If you were to remove the most common objections like, age, injury prone, etc etc....would you all be happy for Timmins as our next lock ?

Dont forget the lessons learned from BKs appointment !


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No, Timmins is not a BK. Not a leader nor creative. A couple of good mobile backrowers please.


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There are no good mobile backrowers on the market. Let's get real peeps. He will be a good stop gap and add some experience to a pretty young pack.


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Gray Viane, Richard Faaoso and Willie Manu all play for the tigers

i know none of them set the world on fire over here, but if they come back and want a chance on minimum wage, i'd give them a shot

(btw, im not suggesting they would be bks replacements, or first 17 selections)


Manu and Viane are both cod sh*t, Fa'aoso had plenty of talent at Penrith, but had shocking hands when he went to the Roosters.

Plent of potential in Fa'aoso, but I haven't followed how he's gone in the ESL. He'd need as much improvement in his hands as we've seen in Kite this year.

Chip and Chase

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You can't wave a magic wand and fix his knees. He can't train during the week and basically just turns up to play on the weekend. It's a no from me.

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I think Gutenbiel play for us in the lower grades back in the days of Kosef, Gartner and Beaver. Not bad - better than what we have in lower grades.


Guttenbiel was on fire at the back end of this season for the Warriors.

That isn't to say that I'd back his signing, but he was chewing up the metres and making 40+ tackles in a lot of the games towards the end of the season - granted, a lot of that can be put down to him knowing his time at the Warriors was nearly up etc, but they were quality stats for sure.

DVS Matt

a big NO to Timmins. He's way past his prime.

I wouldn't mind Guttenbiel, although he isn't the long term answer imo


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Timmins is st george to his jock strap, so NO. As I've posted, he's not creative and NOT a leader. His best years are way behind him and he'd only be wasting our time and his.


Well, this thread has been up for a few days now and i haven't posted what i think until now....

NO... we don't want him or need him. Next!

Jatz Crackers

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Perhaps the question should be \"Who would you prefer - Williamson or Timmins/Guttenbiel/Fa'aosa\"

It would seem the answer to Timmins is a NO. When i look at SDS preference list im not to thrilled about any of them. Im hopeful something will be popping up in signing news in the not too distant future.

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