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Worst Manly performance in a decade

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by damiennp90, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. damiennp90

    damiennp90 Well-Known Member

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    Hi guys. Brandy on fox tonight said last weeks game was manlys worst in a decade. He was commentating and their communication all over the field was non existent. Worse he said he watched the warm up and he commented that manly we're going to get thrashed. Let's hope something changes this week.

    Any thoughts
  2. Anthony Price

    Anthony Price New Member

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    He was dead right manly,s defence was terrible canberra made so much metres up the middle it wasn't funny it's going to be a long year if they keep that attitude up
  3. HappilyManly

    HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +19,030 /367
    I recall a bludger of a game at Brookie against the Titans in 2012:eek:

    We are due for a rebound.

    The concern is that Manly have already used 25 different players. There is an NRL limit on how many you can use.

    BJ and Gutho are season ending, so we are two short to start with after round 1 :(
  4. SeaEagle21

    SeaEagle21 Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +1,453 /22
    he is pretty much on the money, it was a very un-Manly like performance and there has to be a serious change in attitude. Hopefully they have had a look at the game video and feel ashamed at the fact they are dead last on the ladder.
  5. sheridanstand78

    sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

    +4,867 /73
    Brandy is one of the better commentators out there and he was spot on with what he say. For what ever reason we showed zilch commitment until the last 15 minutes or so. If that does not change we will be belted by the Pennies this weekend.
  6. Baz

    Baz Beaver's Headgear

    +274 /2
    Felt like a throwback to the northern eagles days. Communication was almost non-existent out there and the only one you could see talking was young Jake Trbojevic who was constantly shouting at the rest of the forwards and Ballin - I love these Turbo boys
  7. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

    +19,666 /383
    Brandy is one of the few I give any credit to, he's non biased , astute and tells it like it is.

    However on this occasion I didn't actually need him to tell me they were ****, I knew it already.
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    • SeaEagle21

      SeaEagle21 Well-Known Member Premium Member

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      Maybe DCE heard what Brandy said and understands that it isn't just 'so called fans' that saw the team's lack of commitment on the weekend
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      • Supernintendo Chalmers

        Supernintendo Chalmers Well-Known Member

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        Jesse was also having a go in the communcation department while he was out there, but yeah, very few others.
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          PONTIAN SEA EAGLE Well-Known Member

          +1,521 /114
          Is brandy available to coach.I reckon he'd go ok.
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          • NYEagle

            NYEagle Well-Known Member

            +1,400 /84
            Markets released on Wednesday had Manly at $2.40, then $2.60 and now $2.85!.

            Wow something really is rotten in Denmark.
          • maxta

            maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

            +4,506 /100
            The game against Tigers last year was similar....fact is every team gets pasted in todays game if the attitude is poor - the real problem for Manly imo, is the attitude has been down more in 3 out of 5 games in 2015, than any entire season since 2005....
          • Eagleheart

            Eagleheart Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

            +2,013 /53
            Yes that tigpies game at Leichhardt last year was just horrible. The Mighty Sea Eagles did not turn up on that day, the attitude was very poor. I was at that game and I felt like I was trapped in the twilight zone and could not wait to get out of there. The numerous strange and swearing tigpies fans did not help matters either...!!

            And in 2015 well unfortunately I do think attitude has had a lot to do with where we are on the ladder. Very, very disappointing indeed..........!!

            I really hope things can change but I honestly just don't feel very confident at the moment.
          • Killer03

            Killer03 Well-Known Member

            +3,437 /32
            The performance on Sat night was certainly one of the worst I can remember, and when you take into account our opposition (possibly one of the worst teams of the last decade) it was very poor.

            Watching it on tv, Brandy was very scathing after half time. He kept saying 'I know Manly are missing Jamie Lyon and Steve Matai, but where's the intensity?? Where's the enthusiasm?' And I think that's what's disappointing for me.

            The big thing that stands out on tv is that Jake T is a real goer. He constantly is helping set up the plays and talking. You can see him bossing people around. He can be our forward leader in the coming years (and probably is now).
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            • Wombat64

              Wombat64 Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

              +1,975 /57
              Beaten by Ricky Stuart's Raiders .... that performance (if we can call it that) was so bad it was funny. Can't see a turn around this week.
            • MadMarcus

              MadMarcus Local Lunatic 2017 Tipping Competitor

              +8,380 /74
              It was just "so called fans" and "so called legends of the game"...
            • sheridanstand78

              sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

              +4,867 /73
              Brandy has always admired the toughness and togetherness of our club and over the last dozen or so games this team has played both have been missing apart from the odd glimpse.

              DCE will never silence the true fans. Our fans expect our key guys to perform and he and Foz have dropped the ball literally of late.The team stink at the moment and his form as a rule has been down as well.

              I want to see an attitude change and Toovey has to be ruthless about it now and get in guys who will have a go.

              Time for everyone to rally. Backs to the wall time and its time to perform starting on Saturday night.
            • The Who

              The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

              +7,252 /173
              Having watched my team for more than 50 years I have only ever walked out just after half-time in a Manly match. That was last year's semi against Souffs, when we were disgraceful. It was something like 40-nil, and I just couldn't hack watching a team that always gave 100% play so miserably. On the way out a Souffs supporter actually offered me sincere condolences. "That's not the Manly we have come to fear out there," she said. "It's all the Board's fault". How right she was.
              On the bus back to the station I heard we had scored four late converted tries.
              However, that to me was the lowest Manly performance I've witnessed live.How many matches have we won since then? Just one!
              It was a turning point in this club's proud 10-year dominance.
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              • Fluffy

                Fluffy Well-Known Member

                +5,630 /205
                We were bad, everyone saw it.

                We should probably give a bit of credit to some of Canberras players, Hodgsen especially tore us a new one and was on fire. He could prove to be a very good buy for them this year and Canberra's conditions probably suit him a lot coming from pommy land
              • HoldenV8

                HoldenV8 Well-Known Member

                +10,530 /173
                Our performance in the second half of the 2007 GF against the cheating Scum wasn't too flash if I remember correctly. But Saturday wasn't too good either, nor was that game at Liechhardt last year when the Tigers steam rolled us.

                Greg Alexander is one of those who grew up in Sydney hating Manly, but he also has a healthy respect for us. When someone like him, a former Kangaroos and NSW Origin player who has commentated on countless Manly games for Fox in the past few years, says that our effort level is way down then maybe we should be listening.
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