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Women of Manly - Grace Alder, partner of Jamie Buhrer

Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Apr 8, 2011.

By Berkeley_Eagle on Apr 8, 2011 at 8:39 PM
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    For our first Lavazza Women of Manly interview we are speaking with Grace Alder, partner of one of the Manly new kids on the block; Jamie Buhrer.  Grace is the Media and Community relations co-ordinator at the Manly Sea Eagles.


    Getting any information out of Gracie was near impossible as she is an incredibly private person however I managed to get a bit of information from her about about family, pasta and girly movies.

    Grace AlderLavazza Women of Manly Interview
    How long have you and Jamie been together?Just over 2 years. Our anniversary was in February.

    What did you do for your first year anniversary?We went up to the Central Coast for a break. Jamie organised it to surprise me.
    Tell me how you two met.Through friends when he was in the under 20’s.
    Who asked who out and where did you go out on your first date?He asked me out and we went to the movies to see ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’
    Where do you live?We live at my family home.
    Marriage??Um, a few years away.
    Is it tricky ‘working’ at the same place?Not really, he’s not very happy with me when I give him player appearances but other than that we don’t see each other much at work.
    How did you feel the other day when he was conducting his first media interview?I didn’t watch. I was too nervous but he did really well. He can talk the legs off a chair when it comes to football!
    The other night against the Bunnies he scored two tries...was this the first time and how did you react?Yes it was. It was very exciting. The Souths fans around me thought I was crazy because I was screaming so much.
    Where do you come from? Where does Jamie come from?I grew up in Frenchs Forest, Jamie grew up in Blacktown.
    What’s his footy background? How long has he been at Manly now?He played juniors at Parramatta, this is his 4th season at Manly.
    Do you enjoy football?I love it, I have 3 brothers who all played so I grew up at the footy.
    Have you always been a Manly fan?Yes.
    You must love watching him play - he is soo good! Is he happy here - who does he like – who are his mates?I do, I still get a little nervous when he plays but he’s going really well, he loves it at Manly. He’s close with Daly & Kyle Lodge
    How do you relax - what are your hobbies?Watching movies & lazing around the house. Touch Football
    What do you have typically in your handbag (look in it!!)?Wallet, Diary, Access passes for Brookie, Laptop (it’s a huge bag)
    Any Makeup?No, I put it on in the morning and then leave it at home.(For those who have met Grace you will realise that she actually doesn’t need any makeup as she has the most amazing porcelain skin)
    What do you and Jamie like doing together?Going out to dinner & we go see a movie most Tuesday nights
    What sort of movies do you both like to go to?Anything really – whatever is new. If I really want to see a girly movie he's happy to come with me.
    What do you like about Jamie the most?He’s very caring toward me and his family. He is a very family person.
    What colour are his eyes?Blue.
    He comes across as a private person - is that right?Sometimes, he’s pretty open with his family & friends.
    What's he like when the team wins or loses? Does he bring his work home with him?He was very happy last week when they won against the Roosters, that was his first win in NRL. He doesn’t usually bring it home with him.
    Cooking? What's his favourite food?We don’t cook much at home. Penne Bosciolas his favourite, I make that for him before game day.
    Is this becoming a bit of a tradition?It has, either I cook it for him or we get pasta from a place in Dee Why the night before the game.
    Is he romantic?He can be quite romantic. He sometimes surprises me with flowers or just does little things.
    What sort of places do you like to go to? Do you both like travelling?We love Thailand, went there for a couple of weeks in the last 2 off seasons.
    Finish this sentence - I like it when Jamie...Cleans the room
    What’s Jamie’s nickname?Burr or Jimmy from the footy boys.
    Does he have superstitions when it comes to game day i.e. same underwear, listens to certain type of music etc.?He wears black tape on his left wrist
    If Jamie was to appear on Dancing with the Stars who would he pick (besides you of course!)Jessica Alba
    What about you?Channing Tatum
    Excuse the ignorance or dare I say the age difference, who is that??He’s an actor in Step Up and Dear John
    How do you like your Lavazza Coffee?Skim Latte
    How does Jamie like his?Caramel Latte 



Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Apr 8, 2011.

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