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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by clontaago, Mar 23, 2006.

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    From: By Larissa Cummings
    March 23, 2006

    Game ... (l to r) Pip Proud, Kristy Bell, Kellie Pethybridge and Kate Evans.

    LESS sexy cheerleaders at rugby league matches and footy mums who mentor younger players could hold the key to attracting more women to games, an audience of more than 100 women heard yesterday.

    The first Women In League panel discussion, hosted by the St George Illawarra Dragons, addressed issues close to the hearts of female fans, including the importance of educating young players about what is "acceptable behaviour" off the field.

    Dragons captain Trent Barrett said the teenage players who come to the club from country areas needed to have a supportive family environment to help them settle in and guide their behaviour.

    The women also applauded the "family friendly" move by the Canterbury Bulldogs club for incorporating a group of young cheerleaders in their grown-up cheerleaders' routines. ha ha, ha ha ha haha sorry.

    "Everyone loves to see little kids doing their thing and it wouldn't hurt to take the focus off the cheerleaders doing their stereotypical "sexy' thing," events co-ordinator Kate Evans, 26, said.

    "This would also open up a whole new market of mothers coming to see their little girls perform."
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    There is a point to making it family friendly. I remember when the Eagles cheerettes were all about 8 years old and usually daughters of committee members. The problem I had were the types of blokes that sat on the bleachers to watch them, if you get my drift. I just think it is the wrong way to go.
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