Why was Witt selected. He sucks, he sucked in PL - so how is he supposed to play well in this game.

He misses the first penalty - which if we had gotten may have settled us down and given us a little momentum.

He then kicks every long kick directly to their full back on the full. The commentators on the radio said that they wondered if Manly had realised by now that McKinnon could catch and they might try kicking the ball away from him.

I actually wonder if Witt was brought in because Monas was injured? I say this because Monas didnt seem to be running freely at the beginning and so maybe couldnt kick long - which was what they brought Witt in for. However we would have been better with Burns, or even Dunners kicking long.


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If it was because Monas was injured then Witt would have been the best option.

Did anyone see Monas kick that went in the 10th row on the full on the 5th tackle?

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I haven't watched the tape but from where I was it looked as if Witt went okay. We put no pressure on them, he has never combined well with the 7 and that is the issue rather than individual form in my view.


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I thought Witt played well, with all the talk about his defence been rubbish I felt he defended well, but his kicking game could have been better. Also great try he got.


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his try was vry good as well. He did well to beat so many and then mak it to the line


Kim Jong Dan
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i dont think he will. He is a ok half back but not a 5/8. You could see yesterday that monas took on more of the 5/8 role and was playing second receiver to Witt


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If Monnas was injured why play him?It couldn't have been worse if Des had put Witt & Burns as our halves.That kick that went into the 10th row was rubbish.I do hope Burns get's a chance next year,he looks the good's.


i wouldnt be disapointed if witt was released from his contract free's up some room under cap for someone decent!

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