Witt/Moanas for Gower?

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Journey Man
So Gower has issued a statement to the Pearce family with an apology (so much for media beat-up hey?).

Assume the Panthers tear up his contract and are on the lookout for a new halfback?

I'd gladly take Gower to fill the number 6 jumper and let one of Witt or Monaghan go to the Panthers.

I wonder if Gower would settle for $240k a season?

I'd even relax my agreement with the "no dickhead" policy if that was a goer.


Some footballers will never learn.

Obviously part of the media story was correct and that alone is enough for Manly to never touch Gower in a million years. The guy is obviously a jerk for doing what he did to Pearce's kids.

As punishment I would make him spend 6 weeks playing for Norths premier league side next year.


hmmm i wonder if lady luck will be available anytime soon then..... hahahahaha like i'd stand a chance by jingo by crickey she is one hot arse bird!!


k over it!

The Wheel

Premium Member
Good player but panfers woouldn't release him wiht preston campbell going back to the gold coast in 2007.


Gower 'has case to answer'

Penrith skipper Craig Gower faces suspension or a substantial fine after the Panthers board today decided he had a "case to answer" over allegations that arose from a Sunshine Coast charity event.

The Panthers board today discussed Penrith football manager Mick Leary's report on claims that Gower groped Balmain great Wayne Pearce's 17-year-old daughter Tatum at last week's Jack Newton Celebrity Golf Classic after-party.

Gower was also accused of chasing Pearce's 16-year-old son Mitchell with a bottle at the Classic held at Twin Waters Resort.

Penrith football club chairman Barry Walsh said today Gower would be called before the board on January 4.

"The board ... today held a preliminary meeting to discuss a report from our general manager Michael Leary into allegations about Craig Gower's behaviour at a recent golf tournament on the Sunshine Coast," Walsh said in a statement.

"The report is the result of a thorough investigation carried out by Michael Leary and other Penrith staff on the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere.

"We decided today that Craig Gower has a case to answer and he will be called to a meeting of the board at which he will be given the opportunity to do so."

Gower was also alleged to have had arguments with several guests, damaged a golf cart, held a butter knife to the throat of a Sydney radio personality and walked naked around the Twin Waters Resort.

Gower this week finally responded to the allegations with a one sentence statement.

"With regard to an incident at Twin Waters last Monday, December 19, to the extent that I have caused the Pearce family any discomfort, I unreservedly apologise," he said.

But Panthers chief executive Glenn Matthews said Gower faced a fine of up to a quarter of his annual salary - about $100,000 - or suspension if allegations were proved correct.

But Matthews said talk that Gower's contract would be torn up were "way off the mark".

Walsh said Gower would be notified in writing of the meeting.

"According to the terms of his contract with the club and the NRL, he must be given notice of that meeting in writing," he said.

"The meeting has been set down to take place at Panthers at 4pm on Wednesday, January 4.

"After that meeting the board will be in a position to decide on the next step.

"Obviously, nobody from Panthers can say anything further about this matter until that meeting has taken place."

Pearce yesterday told AAP that he had accepted Gower's "unreserved" apology and ruled out taking any action.

"I accept his apology and that is all I am saying basically," he told AAP.

"I've got no comment on anything else and that has been my stance all along so I am not starting now.

"The only people I have spoken to are Penrith and that's it."

Leary handed in his report to Walsh yesterday.

Leary and operations chief Peter Mulholland completed the investigation after visiting the Maroochydore resort that hosted the event and holding interviews with event guests including Dawn Fraser.

The swimming great claimed she had consoled Tatum and witnessed Gower chasing Mitchell around a table at the after-party.

As usual where there is smoke there is fire. What a dickhead gower is.


It's such a beat up.
Life is what it is because we can all get p1ssed and do stupid sh1t. Go for it Gowy, I hope he did a streak and hijacked a golf buggy as well. These people don't know how to have fun.


It's such a beat up.
Life is what it is because we can all get p1ssed and do stupid sh1t. Go for it Gowy, I hope he did a streak and hijacked a golf buggy as well. These people don't know how to have fun.

Yeah groping minors is such a 'fun' thing to do.


Journey Man
Penrith halfback Craig Gower has been sacked as captain after the NRL club on Wednesday night found him guilty of misconduct following a series of alcohol-fuelled incidents on the Sunshine Coast a fortnight ago.

The 27-year-old also received a $100,000 fine - $70,000 of which was suspended.

The rest of the money will go into an NRL program covering responsible use of alcohol by rugby league players.

Gower appeared before the Panthers board on Wednesday after it was revealed he had groped the 18-year-old daughter of rugby league legend Wayne Pearce at a function during the Jack Newton Celebrity Golf Classic.

When interviewed by Penrith general manager Mick Leary about the incident, Tatum Pearce said Gower had touched her on the vagina at a function.

Gower had used the event as an extended bucks party celebration, with the international also alleged to have made a threatening gesture towards Pearce's son Mitchell, held a butter knife to the throat of a Sydney radio personality and walked naked round the Twin Waters Resort.

Gower, who apologised for his behaviour on the Sunshine Coast, has a track record of other off-the-field indiscretions.

In 1999, he was sacked from the Kangaroos after exposing himself to a tourist at the Coogee Bay Hotel while last year he was fined after breaking curfew from the NSW State of Origin team.

He was due to marry former cheerleader Amanda Flynn later this month.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Does the last sentence of Mata's post: He was due to marry former cheerleader Amanda Flynn later this month. mean that the wedding is off???


Journey Man
He seems like a top bloke. Gets drunk, nudes up, and goes after the ladies.

What's the problem people.

Knife to someones throat is a bit much though.

The Wheel

Premium Member
He seems like a top bloke. Gets drunk, nudes up, and goes after the ladies.

He sounds like someone else I know Ryan ;) , actually it is probably something I did on a gold coast holiday when I was young whipper snipper. Anyone remember Tara Village on Cavill Ave, the 18 to 35 joint (now an office block) - basically anything goes in those days at that place. Great fun I spent 10 nights there, I wasn't sober on one of them.


Winging it
I think the Panthers should be congratulated with the stand they took and the punishment given.

There is a big difference between making a mistake by having a few beers, breaking something and dropping your pants; to being abusive to people, threatening with menace and molesting minors.

And you know Gower still doesn't get it and stormed out the hearing in an angry huff claiming the world is against him. Wake up you dumb-arsed moron. If it had been anyone else of less importance to the Panthers and the contract would have been torn up. And he is lucky criminal charges weren't laid.

I hope all clubs are willing to take the same stance on this level of loutish behaviour.


[quote author=Ryan]
He seems like a top bloke. Gets drunk, nudes up, and goes after the ladies.

Great fun I spent 10 nights there, I wasn't sober on one of them.


More like you weren't sober between the ages of 18 and 35 wheel. I have heard that the New Brighton in manly is going to be fully renovated this year. It looks like they will finally remove the beer stains from their ceiling.

Obviously the club did a thorough investigation of the claims and found that his actions were more than just a bit of drunken fun. Groping a 17 year old girl who clearly did not want his attention is not funny. Anyway why chase the girls when he is about to marry a great looking sort in a couple of weeks anyway?

If he had just run around the resort nude, got smashed for a week and smashed a golf buggy or two then it would be funny. However what if it was your 17 year old daughter that he did it to? Or your 18 year old son that he chased with a knife? You can have fun and get drunk and not upsetting anybody else.

These players are are now told a hundred times a year to behave themselves in public because they are watched by erverone now more so than in the past and that any small indiscretion will be front page of the newpapers the next day.

The NRL should step in a fine and suspend him as well because it is not his first offence.


Journey Man
Tooks dude - there are a few dives on The Beaches. I have lunch at this pub (don't want to say which one), that has drop lights that have actually dropped, the place smells like rotten socks, the ceiling has caved in, and the electric works in the roof are exposed, old and corroded. It's great watching to girls bring out the food as the roaches scurry from them when exiting the kitchen.

The Beaches could do with some property / food surprise inspectors, and we could also do with a little medium to long term infrastrucure planning.

By the way, what's everyone think of the League's club in comparison to say Panthers etc?


First Grader
Panthers is just big. with no atmosphere, but they do have a great merchandising section.

Manly leagues is better.

The Wheel

Premium Member
To be honest I haven't set foot in another Leagues club in years so I can't really give an opinion.

Mnaly Leagues is poorly designed and out dated - it needs a good refurbishment but I still love goign there match days

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