Winners for 2006....


Just wondering everyones predictions for the coming year across all sports....

Soccer World Cup: win a pool match but progress no further.

NRL: Heart says Manly, head Parra v Roosters and another grand final which I couldn't give a flying fcuk who wins.

AFL: Western Bulldogs...unlucky not to make the finals last year

Melbourne Cup: Leica Falcon (Go the Riverina connection and came from no where last year)

Super 12: Three Aussie teams to make top four- Waratahs, Force and Reds- Warathah's to take it out.

Ashes: Whitewash Aussies way and poms can suffer for another 16 years.

English Soccer: Liverpool (but I support Leeds)

NBL: Kings ....again (but at the end of the day who's watching???)

NBA: Bogart to be first number one draft pick to take the Bucks into the play offs - apart from that couldn't care less cause the Celtics are going ****.

NHL:New Jersey Devils are going **** so don't know/ care

NFL: Would like to see the Jets go well with Ben Graham doing the punting but New England always seem a good bet.

Commonwealth Games: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

State of Origin: NSW 3-0, with first game a fifty plus score line

Tri Nations: New Zealand but an improved effort by the Aussies.

Club Rugby: Sydney Uni


Sorry forgot that- I'm a Mets fan but haven't really been following it since Chicago broke their drought last season- who do you recommend...


hey good thread mate.... my predictions are:

Soccer World Cup: we will go through our pool but no further

NRL: Heart says Manly, head says st george

AFL: One of the adelaide teams to win

Melbourne Cup: Leica Falcon, i agree with ya PJ... i am with leica falcon

Super 12: I don't care.. so i'll just say the new team force or whatever to win it first go

Ashes: We will kick the piss out of them this time

English Soccer: Don't care, i'll go with chelsea

NBL: Better go for brisbane in something... go bullets in this

NBA: err orlando

NHL: don't know/ care, go the mighty ducks haha

NFL: I think pittsburgh will take it out.... but i go for philly

Commonwealth Games: "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" i agree

State of Origin: NSW 3-0, with first game a fifty plus score line

Tri Nations: We'll get it back.

Club Rugby: wouldn't have a clue


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Broncos nutz,

I'm a philly fan too, but they had a bed season just gone, must be the eagles curse worldwide.

Used to love watching Randall Cunningham play


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Astro's Fan Myself , But Steinbrenner has had the Cheque book out again , and Got Johhny Damone fron The Red Sox So im Saying Yankees


Yeah you're probably right bout New England- I don't really follow it but a guy in our sports bet syndicate bets on the NFL frequently and always seems to win although he goes on nothing but form


Well if we're broadening the spectrum here....

Michael Jackson to finally go to jail

Tom Cruise and his daug...oops sorry girlfriend's marriage to FAIL (he is a fcukwit)

ROVE to be booted off air for not being funny (wishful thinking)

Heaps of rooting in the Big Brother House and it gets ripped off air.


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Dont know if my Girlfriend would like that idea!

Oh the meantime I will jut have to continue to prove my heterosexualness to her!

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