Wingers Were Great.

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There won't get too many plaudits - wingers rarely do - but both Robertson and Hicks had great games on Saturday night. They were excellent on the kick reception and safe under the bombs. Each supported the forwards with good territory and they finished well.

The consistency, strong defence and low mistake rate of these guys has a lot to do with our success. I am very glad that the knockers who bemoaned the signing of Robertson have been left with egg on his face - he is doing well and having a strong season. Hicks is also displaying his potential and must be in SOO contention or not far off it.
Agreed. Robertson's ability under the high has really impressed me. Hicks can be questionable at times.

Robertson also runs it back hard, and has no fear it seems. Great signing.

Also good to have an able replacement in Steppa, who has been doing some good things while in first grade.
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Robertson is a real goer. Anyone who had actually seen him play for Canberra (amongst his injuries) rather than just looking at stats would have known he was solid.
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Both wingers were excellent on saturday nite although I worry always when Hicks is under the high ball. Robbinson was great, always is and that's even playing outside Matai who doesn't like to give him, or anyone, the ball. Glenn Stewart was the real deal, much better than any other f/bs running around.
There won't get too many plaudits - wingers rarely do

Spoken like a typical ex-winger CW :lol:

As you say both have performed very well this season. Just as an aside was interesting to read comments from Kite in the weekend press on how big an influence Des has been on his form this year.
exactly bradza.his 04 season with the raiders was great.then real bad injury in late 04 (i think)and all of 05.i remember vegas and i got run over by the masses for suggesting he was a very good buy.steppa was the new hero at that stage who couldnt be touched.
now we have 2 top wingers and a very solid backup in stephenson who has improved into a good firstgrader on the wing.
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Got to have tall winger in the modern game. Just look at how many kicks to Utai gain the money.
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2 2 0 29 6
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3 2 1 0 4
3 2 1 -7 4
2 1 1 -8 4
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3 1 2 -25 2
3 0 3 -12 0
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