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Win and a Loss at Matts and Ball vs Illawarra yesterday

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Darren, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

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    Nice day in the Gong, Kirk and AJ were there. AJ does a wonderful job holding and passing the interchange cards. Big future predicted for the AJ.

    Matts won 24-22 in a thriller. Hayden Cochrane kicked a penalty from 40 out with 4 mins to go. Son of Mal I believe!! Quite a big team for 16's and prop Taylor McCann is a monster!! Half Joey Lussick (seems a few Lussick's around) at half stood out, directing play well. The kicking game was awesome, 5/8 Riley Travers sitting up nice grubbers etc for good effect. Fullback Pearsall (from Norths)  ;D was great at the back.

    No one was real standout but if Crusher is smart he would sign the lock Jack Bird (taught him casually) and centre Dee Jay Harris (Berkeley Sports) from Illawarra. Both tore us apart but the boys hung in there and got the win. I know, I know, Aaron Groom!!  ::)

    SG Ball: 38-28 loss but it was something like 34-12 or something like that, we scored a few near bell. We hung in there but they were always bit better. Kirk mentioned that Penrith the week before scored all their tries down the right side. Happened again as it was right in front of us.

    To be honest, not alot of talent, prop Paul Tuigamala (I think from Western Australia) did alot of good yards and so did his partner Marcus Roil. The kiwi signing centre Regan Haika was average and didn't do much at all. Pretty slow and probably a 2nd rower.  Jamil Hopoate came off the bench and did some good stuff but he isn't the biggest for 2nd row! Again, not alot to write about, we were missing our halfback Ariu and it showed.

    Again, Illawarra have loads of talented kids, the half Shannon Crook that Bennett rates ran all over us. No wonder St George wanted the merger!!

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