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Will speedsters make THAT difference

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by maxta, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. maxta

    maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    I think so. Modern footy is played so quickly almost like touch with speed around the play the ball dictating who dominates. Last season with Perry,King Rose,Cross & Ballin (terrier but not the quickest hooker) we appeared to get caught out with inside balls & openings especially later in each half. Maybe some more mobility like Buhrer ,Cunningham ,Lussick can help here. Also the backs- hope Snake recaptures near that pace & Wolf is out there because last season i think we had the slowest backline in the premiership. Imo would like to see Hoppa & Oldfield who are speedsters. I know i'll cop it here but T. Rex should interchange into back row & Matai -maybe a shot at lock. Backrow- Watmough,G stewart & Matai - just my opinion ....ok
  2. The Eagle

    The Eagle Well-Known Member

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    Matt last season was terrible,theres no arguement against that

    Foran is good but a 3rd centre in my opinion,his long kicks are devastating but he takes on the line to much at times

    DCE i know nothing about except Meninga,Alfie and other QLD greats having a great old circle jerk over the kid,feeling that when the time comes,DCE will be their halfback and they will be in safe hands after Thurston and perhaps Cronk

    Dogkinson on the other hand was a 4th centre,he hogged the ball and kicked woefully,he lacked imagination to get us over the line against the titans in 21 tackles in their red zone,his best assist was against the tigers and he was lucky to get it off,skill had nothing to do with that play and when playing at manly his short kicking was nothing but aweful
    as from the 20metre line he tended to kick the ball into the 5th row of the crowd

    T Rex had a solid year for a prop on the sideline,but clearly he is no back,he did beat respected and vaunted opponents like THE BEAST and ran over THE CAT in a fashion that made me cry from laughter

    Kite started to improve,King was going stronger by the game and our back row is unrivalled at full strength,Rose had a bad year due to injury and the terrible fitness regime and Ballin while very solid lacked any spark and hardly ran the ball,Singe was well missed and so was the youth,Cross will be our NSW cup captain and not play FG,We have Cunningham and others infront of him surely

    Now to the backline

    Robbo i think is on the slide but still good enough to hold his spot,his speed is waning but his skill is not

    Lyon is like having a 3rd half on the field,long kick short kick leap and whatever else he does turns to gold,his ankle is still a problem and that scares me

    Matai was great,aggressive sometimes overly so and thats why we are missing him for 3 rounds

    While i loved Farrar he was not by any stretch of the imagination a fullback,Robbo was better back there and the only reason we wanted him back on his wing was because T Rex was godawful in 09
    We found Oldfield and Hopoate to be easily good enough to get into the side,personally i like Oldfield more but Hopoate has more athletic prowess

    Now,from 30 minutes before the season we lost a speedster,the very essence of speed in Wolfman,sure his 09 was 2nd year syndromed but he had moments of brilliance and he was good enough to be picked for the roos and the blues in his 1st and 2nd year,im sure when he's on the field the players feel electricity coursing through their veins just because he is there,like a buff on a pay once a month game

    From the 78th minute of the same round we lost a state and national rep at the back,the man who wraps around the backline and sprints into gaps and makes a call quicker than the speed of light on whether he will pass or run to the tryline,9 times out of 10 this bloke wrapping around equals 4 or 6 points,very few exceptions and ofcourse this guy gives off another few "buffs" just because of his presence

    The world is against us (Re:Stewart/Marshell/Carney fiasco) and the team will get one last boost,the siege mentallity which they had during the time of Orford when the club absolutely thrived,the 09 finals we only did not win was because of tragedy in our squad and i believe that to this day if that had never happened,we were going back to back

    2010 we never stood a chance due to a massive pre season loss to the club being replaced by a version of Ferris in nappies and 2 deadly players out from the start

    Its 2011 now and we are back in business,strap in and support your team because we're gunna go far
  3. maxta

    maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +4,513 /101
    Agree with your comments here Shane - all valid & directed at where we are going this season but my main point - we lacked pace all over the paddock last year. When sides made a break noone could get there in cover -the st g & Roosters long range efforts last year are a prime example. Really need to change that factor imo for 2011. Sure the Wolf will make a cameo game & Snake- absolute champ but will take time - hope he has close to the pace that made him such a weapon. Still feel we need some of this new youth crew adding that speed out wide & in tight. Anyways - Des will have the 17 ready for Sat night i'm sure.

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