Will Monaghan be a no show at Manly presentation night?


I thought I read somewhere in the past few weeks that Michael Monaghan and his bro Joel had booked tickets to leave on a US holiday the day after the October 2 NRL grand final.

Does this mean the captain won't be attending the Sea Eagles presentation night on October 7.

Maybe he'll be there via satellite like Joey Johns for the Dally M's!


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Nothing would surprise me. I presume that means that captain calamity won't be joining his team for the end of season trip either?

Maybe none of the cheerleaders could be coaxed to accompany Monaghan this time around.


Kim Jong Dan
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how dare they hold the presentation on my birthday


what do ya mean matabele about none of the cheerleaders could be coaxed to accompany him? did they last year?


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He may be refering to last years Dally M's when he was escorted by Allana.

I had no problem with it, looks like Mata may though.


oh! thats a bit scandalus ;) thanks for clearing that up byso. did you get any pics at the parra game by the way??


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I did get some, I was in the Cronin stand looking straight into the sun so there not to my usuall standard.

and if you're wondering no decent cheerleader photos.


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I'd get too frustrated guys at the awards night. You'd get the same "oh we did REALLY well this year, and next year will be better" tripe we have heard for eons.

Then they will go on to reward players, who in my opinion, haven't finished the year successfully enough to warrant them getting awards. The ONLY players who could hold their heads up are:-

Ben Kennedy
and Anthony Watmough in the main.

I'm sure the playerrs will have their groupies though - and good luck to them.


I would be surprised if Moanaghan doesn't turn up for the awards night. Especially as the club named several of the awards in his honour. Biggest whinger award and most useless player award (he won in a countback with princess).


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I was thinking that with each trophy they gave out, they could dip the item in a metal disolving liquid JUST prior to issuing it to a player with a statement on a plaque attached to the trophy saying "and this trophy will stand the test of time like your form did - in 2005".

Then they could literrally watch - whilst it rusted away in front of their eyes.

It amazes me that last year, the players were treated like royal heroes, because we JUST avoided the wooden spoon.



How will they be treated this year seeing that they supposedly "overacheived"?

Maybe the keys to the city or a block of flats in manly each?

They are rewarding mediocrity not excellence like it used to be. The standard now need to be set a lot higher for next year.


Have a look at him PEPSI- he's no oil painting and we've already seen from the dribble that come's out of his mouth he doesn't have the gift of the gab.
He's not much of a footballer either, so he's in a bit of trouble unless he has a big...


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But according to him, he has excelled this year, and the captaincy has assisted his great game.

Wheel - this guys ego is inflated. You'd be suprised if he didn't think he'd win EVERYTHING.

Check out the poll for the FANS feeling on the bloke.

Around 50% of us want him gooooonskiiis.

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