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The Manly Sea Eagles have a page on Wikipedia - type in the three words or go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manly_Sea_Eagles

Up to date, informative and well put together. The ony inaccuracy I found is that Pat Wilson is still down as the CEO. Has Jamie Lyon listed as a player.

Worth a look and a good site.

Two things of note to Silvertails forum:

1. This website is listed in the links :yeah:

2. The term Silvertails is mentioned in the first line of the second paragraph.

It supports the idea Silvertails would be a great name for the new supporters group. It is a term synonomous with Manly and its supporters. Dan even offered the name (and would relinquish the name of this site). However this will never happen - due to the boofheadedness of some supporters and their refusal to let go of the water that has passed under the bridge. I think the name Silvertails would be great for a supporter group!!! Roy Masters would be proud!!! :lol:
Not all manly supporters like the term \"silvertails\" CW.
Silvertails lounge! It is generically connected to Manly which is why Dan chose it after the tumult of our 'original' name.

Fair enough if some don't like it but it beggars description for someone to come up with a better name for Manly supporters. I haven't seen one.

My point is due to the connection with our motley crue of internet 'subversives' and interlopers (all 70 or 80 regulars who are seen as some threat to MSE??? :lol:) it won't even be considered

Instead of trying to cater to the hundreds of thousands of potential supporters it is likely that we will stay focussed on appeasing the small remnant of refugees from tthe NE days who are the 'True Supporters'. I would love to be wrong but it doesn't seem this way. Dan would give up the name tomorrow if the club wished to use it but it won't happen.
Duffy was one of the only true supporters during the NE days he would regularly (almost as often as now) go down to brookie to watch manly - even though our top grade was in the PL comp, unlike many supporters who quickly chaged teams and supported a new team straight away.

I personally went to 2 or 3 games during this period and never once thought about changing teams. I did however change sports and started following the spirit for a time.
I even bought a Beagles jumper.]
And had it stolen from my clothesline. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Not sure if they wanted to wear it or burn it.
Instead of trying to cater to the hundreds of thousands of potential supporters....
Just a tad optimistic but I'm willing to ride the wave with you :lol:

Potentially there are hundreds of thousands of supporters who agree with everything I say, but I just have this small niggling doubt. Sorta like the hundreds of thousands who see the club bravely leading us into an era of prosperity. :roll: :cop:

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