why this 5/8 talk.look at the game.

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i cannot believe this talk of monaghan at 5/8.EVERY SINGLE TEAM that plays us knows that if you move up and in he panics.it was saints sole plan yesterday and worked a treat.how obvious does it have to be.and now they want to put him one pass wider with less time.you do not buy a marquee player to replace a bloke who hasnt measured up and has NEVER played there AND then make the new guy pass it to him (especially when orford handles the ball 4 out of every 6) .monaghans attributes are solid defence and a reasonable long kicking game.9 or the bush.5/8 is ludicrous.This is not a monas bashing exercise -it is simply logic.play the guy in a familiar position that suits his game.hopefully wise heads will prevail.
I can never understand this either. He can't pass under pressure. He goes too deep to the line and then sells a dump. Sure the success of a lot of ball players lays with their hole runners, but if you are running off him you would be forgiven for being gun shy. He should either get rid of it a split second earlier (read one less step with the ball in hand) or just take the line on. Don't crucify your outside men. V. I. S. I. O. N. Perhaps we can make him one of our 2 marquee players and get some personal sponsorship from OPSM.
a player is born with the attributes you mention.you dont learn them at 25.

look at all the real good modern halves.their abilities are blatantly obvious from a young age and simply require refinement.

monas abilities lie in tenacious defence and solid long kicking.use them properly or not at all.it aint rocket science.
and if you aint got it you put your head in the scrum and stay out of the ****in way when the whips are cracking.80% of players dont have vision but they offer something.that something simply has to be used correctly.
At least people are seeing a more true picture of his ability or lack thereof now.
can we get him a set of glasses to fix his vision?

Because he is sh1tting all over our current 5/8 who hasnt got anything. That is Why. Monas wont set the world on fir but at least he will set up a try or 2 every now and again unlike our current stop gap. The only time our backs have looked dangerous is when our 5/8 was cut out. Simply witt is not up to it, he might be young but he has not improved at all and is getting worse. Add to that his defence is on the slide missing more and more tackles recently.
How can you defend that **** yesterday...how. Did you see monas drop the ball cold when under no pressure
Monaghs needs to have an ambulance follow him around for the blokes he passes to! how many got smashed on the weekend! people where actually laughing and going lkook out up in the stands !!!!


next gamne when Monaghs gets the ball, everyone on the hill has to start going EEE AWWWE EEE AWWE like a siren!
How can you defend that **** yesterday...how. Did you see monas drop the ball cold when under no pressure

Wasnt defending him.

Just that Witt isnt even at a mediocre level and offers less than monas. Witt didnt put anyone in hospital becuase when he got the ball he just stood still.

There is a definate order


Stephensen has almost as many try assists.
yeah but Stephenson are try assists for the other team
I'd agree with that Vegas. It's not as if he had that many options. It was pretty late in the year when he became available.
Well its down to whats better value - monas at 5/8 and witt at hooker of the other way around.

This is assuming witt doesnt get any better which is looking more and more likely.

We may even go for monas to start at hooker, with witt at 5/8, then when the hard defence in the first 20 is done Dunley on and witt off with monas moving to 5/8.

Value for money cant be considered because if so numpty PL players on min wage would be covering positions 2 through 10 bar alberts after the last months efforts.

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