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why cant they pass

sue ridgepipe

Active Member
Jul 18, 2004
why cant monaghan and randall pass left to right(not much better the other way).Watching those spiral passes continually missing their mark is nauseating.Our runners never receive the ball out in front of them.Surely this is a basic skill that is a must to play 7 and 9.aghhh.....forget it...its a waste of time even commenting.same thing every week.if they cant do it now they never will.

congratulations on a fantastic game once again ben kennedy.you are a marvel and must be captain next year.

p.s. king 3 hitups for 23 metres.same every week.i struggle every week understanding why we persist with a bloke who cant get through 20 minutes.

another sad end to a season after a good start.....just about gutted me this one.goodnight.

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