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Why bulldogs could be denied Foran cap relief


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Aug 16, 2013
Ironically I doubt that has ever been his motivation, his dad is loaded, after all.
He doesn't have anything to prove, I think he just loves the game.
If you already have some mental demons - which it seems he did - and then have one serious injury after another, that is a big challenge, so credit to him for continuing to fight his way back.
I worry a little for his wellbeing when he does retire, though, I hope he finds something positive out there.
I agree that he probably loves the game. But all that you said about the injuries and having to fight back from them, to me shows he does have something to prove. At Manly he was rated as one of the best halves in rugby league. Since then he has fallen a fair way down the list and cops it left, right and centre from just about everyone about how he isn't value for money any more.

Credit to him to keep coming back from his problems, but I do think that he feels that he has something to prove. He wants to prove all the knockers wrong, though I don't think he needs to prove it to himself because he obviously believes he can still do it as well as ever.


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Apr 27, 2014

Canterbury CEO Andrew Hill has called for a review of the NRL’s compensation policy for players injured on representative duty after being informed the club's salary cap relief for Kieran Foran would be limited to $350,000.

Foran, whose contract is reportedly worth up to $1.2 million this year, underwent shoulder surgery after being injured playing for New Zealand in last November’s Test against Great Britain at Eden Park and is expected to be sidelined for most of the season.

What a joke the dogs calling for a review.

Canturbury are not even looking for a Foran replacement. They want the $$ to lure Ado-Carr to the club.

No sympathy.


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May 28, 2010
Does anyone else get the feeling that the reason Foran is refusing to retire and wants to go on is because he has had such a bad time of it since he left Manly that he feels like he has something to prove??

Kieran Foran unfortunately is one of those players who falls into the "the worst thing he ever did was leave Manly" category.
More likely it's supporting the wife and their 8 kids :nerd:

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