Why are the 80's coming back?

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Kim Jong Dan
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For the last 15 years people have realised that the 80's was just a terrible void of fashion. Both lacking style and abundant in sense of humour

So why is it back, why

All i see these days dressed as wanna be punks completely misunderstading the scene and the attitude and reasons behind the movement.

I saw a news item tonight about a kid being deported to Thailand, and him and all his mates had 80's style trucker hats and TIES on with T-shirts or only partly done up and not under the collar.
For **** sake what is this world coming to?
I never thought I would see the day that 80's would come back, what is wrong with these kids, do they not realise they look like complete and utter dickeads. I urge you all especially those with teen children to start teaching them fashion tips, ask myself or Pepsi for advice if you want but please lets stop this before it gets any ****ing worse.

Lets start a fashion where "smart Casual" business attire is the theme, now thats a world i could live in.
We can work on hair later but lets just start with clothes.

next time your kid asks if they can have that shirt with news print, flouro randomly splattered on it or just the old inkblot in no mans land style shirt. Say NO, and clip them around the ear, teach them about the 80's.
When they want that ridiculous bad and ugly tie, say NO. tell them one day they will wear a tie around their neck like a noose every day and that ties should either compliment the rest of your attire or provide a break in the pattern.
Clip them around the ear again

next time they ask for a trucker hat that they plan on wearing at NIGHT, the one with flouro on it, tell them the purpose of a hat, tell them they look stupid
And clip them around the ear

Brown and black dont go together. Do not wear brown shoes with a black suit, you look like a tool........


DEATH TO 80's Fashion!!!!
Well since that is what you boys call me at the fotty anyway i might as well play it to do some good for the world
Thats right - we should all be wearing pink shirts - yeah right!!

Theres plenty more crap fashion around.

Pink and purple make you look very camp - fine if you go that way but if you dont then thats what people are thinking.
I nver said Pink shirts, i have seperate issues with that, but I would prefer that over 80's fashion.

Please save the world before its too late

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